Paula Patton: Meeting Tom Cruise Didn’t Freak Me Out…Until Later! (VIDEO)

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol star Paula Patton talks about meeting Tom Cruise for the first time, her family, plus more in her one-on-one with Celebuzz

“I get star struck afterwards,” she says. “The first time I met Tom was the screen test. In the moment he’s just a human being, it’s when I go home I go [crazy]. It’s always afterwards.”

When it comes to working with A-List stars, she says bring it on! Getting to work with top talent only improves the learning curve. 

“I think you learn by osmosis quite a bit,” she says. “One of my first jobs was with Denzel [Washington] and that was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. To see him and the way he worked, it changed the way I approached acting.”

When asked about expanding her family, she says “not as of now.” Paula and hubby Robin Thicke are definitely on the same page with this one! Celebuzz asked the soulful singer his thoughts on more babies earlier this year, to which he said he’d rather wait.

“I feel like I have my hands full,” Paula admits. “He’s so important to me and I want to be able to give as much attention to him, still be as good of a wife as I can, and have my career. Balancing that is a heavy load; sometimes I trip! When handling all that seems a little easier, perhaps I’ll look into adding an addition.”

Meanwhile, Paula reveals one of her tips for a hot summer body — Pepsi Next! The new soda has less sugar and calories than a typical non-diet cola.

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