She's Back! Heidi Montag Releases New 'Dreams Come True' EP

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Just when you thought the Speidi craze was behind us, Heidi Montag comes out with a new EP. 

The Hills star, 25, is back and instead of bringing the drama, she's bringing the beats. Via Twitter, Heidi promoted four new tracks from her EP titled Dreams Come True

Available on iTunes (listen and buy here), the once reality star shared the cover art of herself in a metallic monokini that put her cleavage and curves on full display. She tweeted: 

Turns out, Heidi still has a few fans as she retweeted some of the responses to her new music. One male admirer wrote:  What do you think of Heidi's new songs? Is this a comeback? Play music critic in the comments.


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  • danielleakame

    wow i just listened...horrible.

  • glitterandwater

    she calls herself a 'popstar' lmao, she can't sing at all! she and spencer will do anything for a shot at being in the spotlight, such attention seekers.

  • sass

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! she can't even sing !