Who Will Marry First: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux? (POLL)

Jen vs. Angelina
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Angie's Engagement Bling
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Engaged
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Is there a race to the altar for exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?

There's no denying that the former lovers have each moved onto different relationships since their 2005 divorce. Now that Pitt is set to wed Angelina Jolie, and Aniston has found love with Justin Theroux, the natural question on everyone's mind is: Who will remarry first?

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Brad, 48, and Angelina, 36, announced their engagement on April 13 after the actress was seen sporting a sparkler on her wedding ring finger. Beverly Hills jeweler Robert Procop confirmed that he designed the ring with the Tree of Life actor, describing it as, “a diamond of the finest quality which was then transformed using Pitt’s unique designs, cut with distinctive faceting to a shape and size that perfectly suits Angelina’s long, slender fingers.”

However, Jennifer, 43, may be sporting an engagement ring of her own very soon. Apart from splurging on a  love nest to share with her 40-year-old boyfriend, Jen recently told Australia’s Marie Claire of her beau, “He’s a protector, for sure. He’s just a good human being, and so funny.”

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  • dos est
    dos est

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA you have got to be jking me right? Ange and Jen hate each other. lol omg.

  • Jessie Bedard
    Jessie Bedard

    i dont know.,.. why you keep on comparing them.. this two womans are friends in their real life..

  • gaga

    oh my lord, stfu already, they've moved on with their lives, so should the press

  • crystalhope

    let them be. all 4 of them are happy, who cares who marries first? Will the next "big" question be "which dress is prettier"?

  • Jen

    Is the internet ever going to get over the whole Brad/Angelina/Jen thing? Because I'm over it.

  • reanne

    lol, Jen and Justin are not even engaged, so clearly Ange and Brad will marry 1st.. duh.

  • just drop
    just drop


  • crystal caper
    crystal caper

    Brad and Angelina, seeing as they are engaged and Jen and Justin aren't.

  • eeee

    JEN & JUSTIN! best couple ever.

  • zazz

    by the taking fifty years to get engaged thing, i mean brad and ange hahahas.

  • zazz

    they took about fifty years to get engaged so i bet it'll take them just as long to tie the knot, my bet is on Jen & Justin. Most adorable couple! i love seeing them in photos together, they're made for each other :D