Better With Age! Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Huge Muscles in Boxer Briefs & Tank Top (PHOTOS)

Eat your heart out Calvin Klein!

Looking as hunky as ever, Mark Wahlberg -- who  gained fame in the 90s as Marky Mark and a Calvin Klein model -- was seen on the set of his latest movie, Pain and Gain, in Miami on Tuesday and left very little to the imagination. Sporting a white tank top and dark gray boxer briefs, the 40-year-old Four Brothers actor reminded us of what made him such a dreamboat in the first place. Just look at those muscles!

Mark has been all over the sunshine state while filming his latest movie (looking amazing in the process!), and it got us thinking about all those other stars who have only gotten hotter as the years have gone by.

From '90s stars such as Full House's John Stamos and Saved By the Bell hottie Mark-Paul Gosselaar to big screen action hunks such as Tom Cruise and Matt Damon, see our fave Hollywood men who have only gotten better with age below!

Mark's new film, which also stars Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, should be hitting theaters in 2013, and is about a pair of bodybuilders in Florida who get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

Click through the gallery for more of Marky Mark's hunky underwear look!



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  • Christy Jo Campbell
    Christy Jo Campbell

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  • Giyasov

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  • Auth

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  • Sara

    Great reminder of a sunny happy visit to Spain. We three enojeyd our Winter sunshine break and feel as though it was longer. Thank you for sharing your energy so widely Gill and Dave. Hugs from the Aussies.

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  • Ella

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