Courtney Stodden Sprains Foot, Refuses to Remove Clear Heels (VIDEO)

No one is taking off her glass slipper! After  trapsing about in sky-high heels for most of the year, teen bride Courtney Stodden sprained her foot, and got the whole painful process on video. 

The 17-year-old is making YouTube videos in a countdown to her 18th birthday when she'll be legal (134 days away), and this clip posted on Tuesday has the blonde bombshell whining over her hurt foot. The sprain was so bad, she went to the doctor but kept wearing the clear heels.

Also starring in this strange YouTube video series called Courtney's Countdown, is the teenager's 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchinson.  The Lost actor warns when she complains about her hurt foot, "It's those shoes baby, I'm telling you. Stop wearing the shoes."

Courtney refuses, telling her husband, "I won't stop wearing my shoes. We already talked about that." Doug should know not to mess with a woman's shoes, especially when it's part of her image!



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  • miriam sanchez
    miriam sanchez

    ola como estas mija

  • ckarnsomsit

    oh! interests and will the follow person.

  • danielleakame

    dafuq did i just watch?>?>?>

  • HannahB

    Im even more convinced this girl drinks and/or takes drugs because this is the most sober Ive ever seen her act.

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    wtf?her mom cares more about the damn dresses than her daughter being in pain.mmmmmmm.glad she isn't my mom.

  • Irratated

    Why did I waste 5 minutes of my life watching that???? Id rather be getting a root canal or something.

  • fa

    lol, if you really cared about your 'sore' foot, then why continue to wear heels during a foot injury?

  • redcake

    this girl*

  • redcake

    oh no, more news on Courtney Stodden. will this ever stop seeking attention? i guess not. she is the new Heidi Montag for sure.