Readers Respond: Do You Prefer Mark Wahlberg in His Underwear Then or Now? (PHOTOS)

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These stars look better as the years go by.
Mark Goes Shirtless!
Mark Wahlberg & his fam hit the beach.
There’s no denying Mark Wahlberg is a stone cold hottie, but does he look better now than he did in the 1990s?!

After seeing some photos of 40-year-old Mark on set of his new movie in a pair of sexy undies on Tuesday, it got us thinking about the days when Mark modeled underwear for a little designer named Calvin Klein. Mark’s ads made such a splash that they helped launch him into superstardom with not only a rap career (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch!), but gave his big screen career a huge jump start. And with films such as Boogie Nights, The Departed and The Other Guys under his belt, his career has only flourished over the years.

However, we just couldn’t decide if Mark looks better now or in his 20s, so we took the debate to Facebook, and got an overwhelming number of responses!

While a resounding amount of readers said “now,” the post was pretty divided, so here’s what some of you had to say:

Francesca T. said: I love me some Marky WHENEVERRRRR! LOL!

Audrey M. said: omg either please lol

Melissa M. said: Still fine as hell!!

Phyllis B. said: Both but face looks better then…..


Emma D. said: Most I would assume would pick “then”, he’s smiling in it and his shirt is off. If you want to compare then and now there should be similar pictures. Eitherway, I’d take Marky Mark then and now and in the future.

Mary Ann B. said: Either one but he only improves with age! He’s a real MAN now!!

Danielle ‘Skwew’ B. said: HE’LL FOREVER B HOTT!!!!!!

Tiffanie M. said: THEN….that Calvin Klein ad had always been the sexiest add of all time

Bárbara S. said: OMG! Mark Wahlberg looks so good! Love him since forever, and I love all of the ways he ever looked like!

If you’re still undecided, click through Mark’s shirtless evolution gallery, then give us your final assessment in the comments!