Stylish & Sassy at Age Six! See B-Day Girl Suri Cruise’s Multiple Fashion Statements! (PHOTOS)

Hats off to Suri!
Suri Cruise rocks a cute black hat.
Suri's Pool Time
Katie Holmes takes a dip with her daughter.
Between the hats, heels and fur, there’s little doubt Suri Cruise is indeed the most style-savvy six-year-old on her Hollywood block.

The daughter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has taken the fashion world — and blogs (Suri’s Burn Book, Suri Cruise Fashion Blog) — by storm with her array of fashion statements in the few short years she’s been able to walk! Just check out that Eliane et Lena coat.

Even her mother Katie, 33, has admitted that her daughter has an eye for style.

“I know I look good when Suri asks if she can have my outfit when she’s older,” the actress told UK Marie Claire this past year. 

Today, April 18, Suri turns six — so in celebration, get some style inspiration from the tiny fashionista by checking out this Celebuzz gallery above!

Speaking to Marie Claire, the former Dawson’s Creek star added: “My daughter has been choosing her own outfits since she was two. Suri is magical when it comes to clothes – she’s quite an artist! We go to fabric stores and sew together.

“Sometimes I take inspiration from Suri’s fashion choices.”

What do you think? Is it too soon for Suri to be experimenting with heels and makeup, or is this just the fun part of being a kid and playing “dress up”? Let us know, below.