Better Off Red? Jennifer Morrison Debuts Fiery New 'Do (PHOTOS)

Did Jennifer Morrison have enough fun as a blonde?

That appears the be the case, because the Once Upon a Time star showed off a brand new hair color at US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Style party at Greystone Manor in LA on Wednesday night.

The 33-year-old actress more than likely turned a few heads with this new crimson style, but is she pulling it off?

Let us know what you think by casting your vote in the poll!

Also, be sure to look at other celebs who have gone crimson by clicking through the gallery!


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  • evs

    she's a natural blond. herd her say in an interview and you can youtube her early gigs and check for urself

  • Anna Maria Cárcamo
    Anna Maria Cárcamo

    she looks way better with brown hair but I prefer red than that nasty blonde..she looks so much better in darker colors..she should try maybe a darker, honey colored blonde.

  • patrycja0309

    Brown she looks better in her natural colour ;D

  • patrycja0309


  • Patrycja

    I like both :)

  • Kate

    only Emma Stone and Lindsay Lohan look good in red hari

  • jennifer

    Celebuzz's twitter is busy friending Kardashian fans. The fans are fine, but what the Kardashians do is gross. I guess Celebuzz is trying to compete with E news online by catering to Kardashian twitter followers. So sad.


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