Celeb Trainer Reveals Secrets Behind Best Bikini Butts! (PHOTOS)

Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Can you match the celeb with her bikini?
There’s no denying, it’s all about the butt. Cheesy ’90s songs don’t lie! This summer (which officially kicks off June 20), Celebuzz is taking it up a notch with not just a great backside, but an awesome BIKINI BUTT.

Naturally, we pulled together some of our favorite celebs in a bountiful bikini butt gallery for inspiration. Woot!

Celebrity Trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, trains Emily VanCamp (Revenge) as well as Joseph Morgan (Klaus) from the Vampire Diaries, and is now taking Celebuzz through the moves to get the curves to fill out that bathing suit! See his exercise tips below:

“A lot of girls tend to hold their excess of weight in the hip area,” Lalo explains. “That’s why when I train my clients, I always concentrate in the glutes and then the rest will follow.” 

His ultimate exercise is simple and can be done anywhere with an incline. “Walking uphill is my number one choice for burning calories, increase stamina and get a perky butt,” he says.

  • Place the treadmill on an incline of 15 degrees and a speed of 3.0mph.
  • Practice big steps and big arm movements. The trick is to try to walk as slow as possible.
  • Use your heels for traction from the moment you step forward until the moment your foot leaves the band.
  • Stride back as far as you can and squish your butt every time your leg reaches back.
  • Keep your abs tight, so your oblique muscles are working as well.
  • Keep a rhythm with your breathing and movement.
  • Every time you practice this, keep in mind: HEEL/BUTT.
  • If you feel it on your calf muscles, you might be pushing from the tip of your toes. Don’t.

Another exercise that Lalo uses with Emily VanCamp is just as simple:  Treading Water

  • Do a few exercises in the pool that includes your glutes and abs.
  • In between sets, go to the deepest part of the pool and thread water anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Try changing the variations of treading water every minute or two.
  • You can move your arms around while moving your legs on circles (which works the glutes).
  • You can add difficulty to this exercise by placing your hands outside the water and above your head. If that is not enough, add 1.5 lbs hand or wrist weights. 

Apply the “Freeze Technique” (Lalo’s trademark) while performing your regular leg exercises: On each point of the exercise, pause for a second and connect with the muscle you want to tone the most. In this case, your butt! 

“If you do a squat,” Lalo explains, “instead of doing it fast up and down, pause for a second on the bottom part of the exercise, connect with your butt muscles and flex from it to finish the move. When you arrive to the top part of the squat, keep squishing your butt while driving your hips forward. Do not let go until you lower your body for the second repetition.” 

For quick results:

“I recommend doing high intensity light weights or body resistance,” Lalo says. “The way of increasing the intensity is by applying speed (slow or fast), amount of repititions and the resting time in between each set — no more than 30 seconds of rest in between sets.” 

For more with Lalo, check back here on Friday afternoon for his summer diet tips!