Emily Blunt Offers Up Relationship Advice: 'You Have to be Forever Generous' (PHOTOS)

On and off screen, the gorgeous Emily Blunt is romancing some of the most adorable men in Hollywood. Married to The Office cutie John Krasinski in real life, she also stars in the upcoming romantic comedy The Five-Year Engagement alongside funnyman Jason Segel. Given her experience in the relationship department, Celebuzz got the British actress to offer up some tips for couples. 

“Life is complicated and shake shifting all the time and you have to be willing to roll with the punches, the main thing that I find hard to learn as a British person is communication,” Emily joked while at a press conference in NYC for her new romantic comedy, later adding, 

“If you are in a relationship, you have to talk to each other and you have to be forever generous. ... The best relationships that I have seen of my friends, and hopefully that I am in, is that you can’t clip each others wings. You have to really empower the other one to be everything they can be.”
As shown, Hollywood is a tough place to make it as a couple but Emily and John have been together for four years and have been married for two. So what's their secret? Emily explains how they manage to keep their relationship strong amid two thriving careers, advising not to stand in the way of your partner's success. 
“I do think the relationships where one partner is stifled by the others success, it’s either because they are allowing themselves to be that or they are sort of martyring themselves in some way. I think that is usually an unhealthy thing,” 
The 29-year-old actress continues, “Some kind of self-fulfillment is really important even if it means you have to spend some time apart and you make sacrifices in other ways. I think both people have to have some kind of purpose, some kind of identity. You don’t want to end up defining yourself by association with someone else.”

“Absolutely,” Community actress Alison Brie -- who plays Emily’s sister in the flick-- said agreeing. “I think also it's sort of how you handle each situation that comes your way in life.”

The Five Year Engagement premiere kicked off the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18 in NYC and hits theaters nationwide April 27. In the film, Jason and Emily's characters put off their planned nuptials when life continues to get in the way. Check out the trailer below: 



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