HLN Host Weighs In On Lindsay Lohan At Coachella: ‘This Is A Slippery Slope’

By: / April 19, 2012

Lindsay's Free!
Lohan: 'Ending One Chapter, Starting the Next'
Award-winning television journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell takes questions from Celebuzz reader’s on the biggest celebrity news stories making headlines!

Jane dives into the now probation-free Lindsay Lohan‘s latest visit to the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend.

“There are bands, there is booze, there is probably drugs, we want you to succeed Lindsay but this is a slippery slope and you know when you fall where you land,” Jane says of the troubled starlet being in this kind of environment.

Check out the above video to hear Jane’s responses to Lindsay’s recent party choice. Do you have celebrity questions you’d love to have answered?

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