Kendall Jenner’s Would-Be Prom Date Upset She Said No, But Is Still ‘Satisfied’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kendall Jenner gets ready for prom.
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Though it might not seem like it, this story of rejection actually has a happy ending!

Michigan teen Balraj Singh recently asked Kendall Jenner to be his prom date by making an adorable YouTube video. Due to her busy schedule, the 16-year-old model had to regretfully decline. Though she did say no, Kendall  direct messaged Balraj on Twitter to break the news to him personally. How sweet!

Celebuzz contacted Balraj to ask what inspired him to ask her, how he felt when she said no, plus much more!

What inspired you to ask Kendall to prom?
Just a crazy idea one night, and my friends just encouraged me to go through with it!

Are you upset that she said no? What was your first reaction when you heard she couldn’t make it?
When I first checked my Twitter and saw the direct message from her, I was so excited! And then as I kept reading, I realized it was a no, but overall I guess you could say I am still pretty satisfied right about now.

How long did it take to put together the video? 
I came up with the idea last Tuesday night, and wrote it all down. I went to school the next day and told my friend about it because he is amazing at editing videos and he was in for the plan. I proceeded to tell more of my close friends and soon we got a little crew together to make the video, and we are here today. 

Is there any one else in mind that you want to ask (who isn’t a celebrity)?
There was, but she already got asked now [Laughs].

On the flip side, if you could take another celeb, who would it be and why?
I’ll probably still say Kendall [Laughs].

How adorable is that?!

Who is your dream celeb prom date? Let us know in the comments!