Kendall Jenner's Would-Be Prom Date Upset She Said No, But Is Still 'Satisfied' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Though it might not seem like it, this story of rejection actually has a happy ending!

Michigan teen Balraj Singh recently asked Kendall Jenner to be his prom date by making an adorable YouTube video. Due to her busy schedule, the 16-year-old model had to regretfully decline. Though she did say no, Kendall  direct messaged Balraj on Twitter to break the news to him personally. How sweet!

Celebuzz contacted Balraj to ask what inspired him to ask her, how he felt when she said no, plus much more!

What inspired you to ask Kendall to prom? Just a crazy idea one night, and my friends just encouraged me to go through with it!

Are you upset that she said no? What was your first reaction when you heard she couldn’t make it? When I first checked my Twitter and saw the direct message from her, I was so excited! And then as I kept reading, I realized it was a no, but overall I guess you could say I am still pretty satisfied right about now.

How long did it take to put together the video?  I came up with the idea last Tuesday night, and wrote it all down. I went to school the next day and told my friend about it because he is amazing at editing videos and he was in for the plan. I proceeded to tell more of my close friends and soon we got a little crew together to make the video, and we are here today. 

Is there any one else in mind that you want to ask (who isn’t a celebrity)? There was, but she already got asked now [Laughs].

On the flip side, if you could take another celeb, who would it be and why? I'll probably still say Kendall [Laughs].

How adorable is that?!

Who is your dream celeb prom date? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Mrs_Tomlinson

    i would ask LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!! execpt hes 20 and im 14 so that probably wouldnt work out

  • armenshabanian11

    kendall jenner

  • Maryan :)
    Maryan :)

    i would take Zayn Malik in a heart beat, our night would be filled with joyous events.

  • missa

    Both Kendall and her sister Kylie have lives outside of the media. They are both A/B High school students with high GPAs, and both have steady (none famous) boyfriends.

  • Amber Preisner
    Amber Preisner

    kendall is a busy person. she models, she does the show, she goes to school, and she has a personal life. she didnt say no to be rude! she is probably one of the sweetest and kindest teenagers you will ever meet. i personally think these youtube videos are getting out of hand with everyone asking celebrities to be there dates. especially because if they turn the people down they are criticized for it. just because they are celebrities does not mean they have to do everything a fan wants. especially teenagers! idk who started this crap on youtube but i personally think it really needs to stop. the kid was cute to ask her though. and it wasnt Kris that said she COULDNT go. she has a lot of stuff going on right now and she just doesnt have the time. and even if Kris did say no, whos business is it to tell her how to raise her child? the kid was kind and didnt say anything negative about her so why start a fire storm about it?

  • lara kardashian
    lara kardashian


  • natwee

    Hey Hannah (=

  • cookies

    ^ agreed!

  • HannahB

    Whoever insinuated it was because of this kids race, nationality, or heritage needs to take a long hard look at themselves..........

  • butt3randglitter

    you guys are turning something so tiny into such a huge problem. you guys infact are being the stereotypical ones, y implying that's what they mean by 'safety first'. Kendall is only a teenager and if she was to go to prom with him without any of her guards, anything could happen. not implying that this guy is a bad person but you never know, there are some kooky people in this world.

  • KO

    Who are you to say get some common sense, seriously. Common sense is actually NOT meeting people you have no clue about, strangers. THAT'S COMMON sense. You're a disgusting person who strives to make something out that isn't even a big deal. She wasn't being rude!

  • KO

    She's not being rude or stereotypical. She's stating the obvious, it is a safety issue. Kendall is a celebrity and who knows what people could do, they could hold her hostage for money.

  • Really People?
    Really People?

    I think what she meant was that he is a stranger and does not know this kid. It was an adorable video put together but she is not required to say yes to everyone who asks her out. If I am correct about Miranda comments I believe she is coming from a mothers point of view who would be nervous to have her 16 year old girl go out with a boy she has never met to a strange high school prom. In no way did she mention this boys race, nationality, or heritage. Cool your jets people.

  • Erika

    Maybe she ment safety first, as in kendall doesn't know this kid in person an has no idea what he is really like. What ever happened to don't talk to strangers??.

  • another concerned born and bred 5th gen American
    another concerned born and bred 5th gen American

    Kendall, I'd say take a chance and go with him, you never know you might just have a blast. If nothing else you might just learn a bit bhangra dance. YOU ARE 16, what can you possibly be busy with?! Save the world a barrage of excuses, just man up and go.

  • another concerned born and bred 5th gen American
    another concerned born and bred 5th gen American

    Yeah Moralez, what the hell do u mean safety first?! its hilarious that this is coming from someone who is Hispanic (just to point out the OBVIOUS) get off your behind and leave your computer screen for a little while, life just might b*ch slap you with reality, compassion, humility and a bit of common sense while at it. CM.. I bet she does. People like her are not even worth feeling sorry for.

  • concerned american
    concerned american

    yeah what do you mean "safety first"? and "you never know" - are you implying a stereotypical view point here? are you really that naive? or are you implying that you are someone who is close minded and only sees the world to be flat?

  • Kiara Liz
    Kiara Liz

    Or Niall Horan :)

  • Robin

    What do you mean "safety first"?

  • Miranda Moralez
    Miranda Moralez

    I will understand Kendall, Safety first. you never know..and she is only a little girl as a mother I will said not too... Good respond Kendall..

  • Kiara Liz
    Kiara Liz

    Harry Styles. He looks like he would be a fun prom date :) I would invite them all and stay Up all Night... see what I did there?

  • luckyca

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  • Enrique Jabares González
    Enrique Jabares González

    Kendall or Kylie!!!