Nicki Minaj Bound In Leather Chains Style As She Exits London Hotel (PHOTOS)

Nicki's Cleavage
Nicki Minaj's best bosom baring looks.
How is she walking in this outfit?! Nicki Minaj managed to make it out of her London hotel Wednesday night wearing an ensemble that is sure to gain the envy of “S&M” singer Rihanna!

The “Super Bass” rapper, 29, stepped out wearing a black dress that was draped in leather chains that hit just above her knees, making her walk seem more like a waddle in these photos.

She paired the scantily-clad style with a bright red jacket, blonde wig and polka dot tights.  Click the pics to get a closer look at this outrageous fashion statement. Is this just “so Nicki”, or is the outfit even a little much for her? Let us know, below. 

Nicki is the latest celeb to quit Twitter. The singer reportedly bid adeau to her Barbie followers after her album was leaked on a fan site. “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye,” she wrote after taking her Twitter offline following a battle with followers from the site Nicki Daily.

With 11 million followers, Nicki has 30 days to return to Twitter before the social network removes her account permanently.

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