Readers Respond: Was Jennifer Lopez’s Gladiator Dress Age-Appropriate?

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Earlier today, we asked our Facebook fans whether they felt the gladiator-style dress Jennifer Lopez wore on American Idol Wednesday night was age-appropriate or not.

The results? An overwhelming yes.

Throughout the course of the day, we received over 150 comments — most of which praised the 42-year-old J-Lo for showing off her amazing body.

Check out some of the highlights below, then post your thoughts on the dress in the comments below!

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Anca: It doesn’t matter if it’s age appropiate [sic] or not, it’s all about the body and she looks stunning!

Catherine: Why not flaunt what she has. I would be proud to show my body off if I look like that at 42.

Yadira: No one has to know she’s 42! She’s rockin everything right now!

Lisa: I wouldnt hate what she’s wearing if it just didn’t have the cut outs. She does have an amazing body so a tight dress is fine but the cut outs are too much for her age

Gaby: Of course she can she has a banging body and she is so beautiful

Carroll: When you look that young & have a body like that, go for it.

Shena: She is Grown! Whatever she wants to wear is her business and not for me to judge…..but I thinks she looks good….42,52,62 if you have a body like that… do you!

Pixie: She works hard to keep her body in shape so she’s fine to flash it around… If the outfit was completely trashy then yes maybe she should reconsider. We all want to feel confident in our bodies and thats exactly what she’s doing :)

Haslinda: rebound from a failed marriage, she so deserving a time like this to show wat [sic] marc had lost, a beautilicious wife !

Arishay: Yes!!! There are younger girls that look horrible!!! Age has nothing to do with looking good. People at age 30 or 40 can look better in comparison to what they looked in high school years!!!