Ricki Lake: Husband Christian Evans & I Are Not Having More Kids (EXCLUSIVE)

Newly married Ricki Lake shows off her diamond wedding ring after promoting her new memoir on

Talk-show host Ricki Lake surprised everyone last week when she revealed that she and husband Christian Evans eloped in a private ceremony, in Southern California.

Now that married life is starting to settle in, Ricki, 43, has a long future to look forward to with Christian, 40, whom she recently referred to as her "soul mate." But does that future include more children for Ricki? In a word: No.

"We are not gonna have more kids. We have made that decision," she told Celebuzz exclusively on Wednesday, while promoting her new memoir, Never Say Never: Finding a Life That Fits.

"We went down the road of discussing it," Ricki, who has two children --Milo, 15, and Owen, 10 -- from a previous marriage, added. "When you fall in love, the fantasy of making a baby and all that is definitely appealing. But I also love this phase of my life, where my children are 15 and almost 11. It's really nice to have some freedom to be able to go away and have a balance of a fun kind of life with your husband and also with growing children."

Ricki and Christian eloped on Sunday, April 8, in a ceremony so small, the only two guests were the couple's dogs. Still, despite the small guest list, Ricki says she wants to celebrate her second marriage on a grander scale down the road.

"I definitely want to celebrate ... because I know there were a lot of people disappointed that they weren't able to take part in it. We definitely will do that. Maybe we'll renew our vows or something. I don't know. Like I said in my book, 'Never say never!' [Laughs] I'm open to it all."

Ricki, who has a brand-new talk show in the pipeline, recently won over a whole new audience on Dancing With the Stars, on which she placed third. But despite her solid moves alongside partner Derek Hough on the ballroom floor, Ricki says she and Christian did not have a first dance at their wedding.

"We didn't do a dance," she told Celebuzz. "We played music. Certainly, it was really romantic. He made a playlist for us -- during the course of our relationship, songs that meant something to us, that meant something to my children; my children helped him in coming up with the playlist. It was really very personal. But we did not get to do a dance."

"Derek promised me that he would teach Christian a dance. So, someday we'll do that. Maybe at our anniversary party!" she said.

Never Say Never: Finding a Life That Fits is now on stands nationwide.



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  • Cohen Agnes
    Cohen Agnes

    I've never understood very long engagements or having children and not be married. If a couple really love and respect one another what's the long wait?? And why have the responsibility of having children but still not married? Why the delay? Why get engaged? There's no reason to get engaged. There's something wrong when two people have all these children but still don't think it's important to marry. Think like a child.....

  • Cohen Agnes
    Cohen Agnes

    I don't care who you are, but maybe after having 6 kids it just might be time to give them the security of getting married?? That's what children need. How much more time do you all need to prove it's time?? How stupid. Kids think one of you can walk at any time. Maybe they need to adopt another child.....Yes, I also love the couple and they are beautiful, talented, etc. But please think about when you were very young and knew your parents were married forever....yes, "forever"...the children thrive in a home where there's love and security.

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