'Snow White and the Huntsman' Character Guide: The Mirror (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE)

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Guide: Snow White
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Welcome back to Snow White and the Huntsman: Not Your Children's Fairy Tale. Today's character guide is on the mirror, one of the most crucial characters in SWATH.

In the video above, Celebuzz has your first look at behind-the-scenes footage of the Mirror Man!

Director Rupert Sanders has expressed that the relationship between the mirror and Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) is very important to the story, and I have a theory as to why. Do you agree? Tweet or tell me in the comments!

Also, Celebuzz and Universal are giving you the opportunity to win a trip to London for the world premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman. Watch an exclusive message from Kristen Stewart down below, and head right here to enter.



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  • Dimitris M. Redstone
    Dimitris M. Redstone

    Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) looks totally awesome. I can't wait to find her past that made her so evil and the origin of the mirror. Not a Kristen Stewart fan either. I bet this movie will be a blockbuster. I'm also, a big "STARDUST" fan so if you have not seen that movie RENT IT !!!

  • Jess Czesia Studer
    Jess Czesia Studer

    im really excited for this movie...not a kristen stewart fan (get a personality) but..however i will be very enthusiastic on opening day =)