Busy Phillips: I’ll Be ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ if ‘Cougar Town’ Gets Picked Up (VIDEO)

Busy's Audition
'Cougar Town' star reveals she auditioned for 'Bridesmaids.'
Remember when James Van Der Beek told Celebuzz how sick of the Dawson’s Creek theme song he was? Well, we talked to former Creek star Busy Phillips at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style party this week, who felt the same way.

“I don’t blame him,” said Busy. “I had only two years on the show of having to hear it, so he had four more years than I did, but I have a very similar reaction. Poor Paula Cole. She didn’t ask for that!”

Busy, who remains tight with former costar Michelle Williams, is currently on ABC’s Cougar Town, but according to Phillips, not for much longer.

“It’s not looking good, it’s just not looking good,” Busy said about Cougar Town getting picked up for season 3. “I’m bummed too, but I looked at the numbers this morning and I just can’t figure out the math in my head how this show is going to get picked up. But look, we would all be pleasantly surprised at those upfront’s if they announced they were going to bring the show back for the next two years.”

Do you all want Cougar Town to stay on the air? Tell us in the comments! Plus, check out more from Busy in the video above.