‘Five-Year Engagement’ & ‘Sarah Marshall’ Director: I Want Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson! (VIDEO)

Celebuzz sat down with The Five-Year Engagement director and writer Nicholas Stoller to talk about his new comedy. Nick and Jason Segel, who previously teamed up for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, were excited to do an “honest and realistic” romantic comedy this time around.

“[Jason] was really excited not to play the slacker guy who cleans himself up, but a guy who really is committed to an adult relationship, but is still a bit of an innocent,” Nick told me, agreeing that Segel, 32, was excited to play a more mature part.

Life certainly is imitating art because Jason has found himself in a committed and adult relationship with Oscar nominated actress Michelle Williams, 31.

The Five-Year Engagement hits theaters on April 27, and for the first time, Nick said he doesn’t have another project lined up at the moment. 

Stoller and I started discussing actors he should work with, so obviously I suggested Kristen Stewart. You know I’m pushing for her to do a romantic comedy!

“Kristen Stewart, yeah she could be really funny,” Nick said in agreement. “That’s a really good idea. We’ll get both her and Robert [Pattinson].”

No complaints here! Stewart told me back at the junket for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 she would “would die” to work with Rob again post-Twilight, and that she would be up to do a romantic comedy.

Stoller, Segel, Stewart, Pattinson…sounds like a dream team to me! What do you guys think?