Psychologist Tells Celebuzz Demi Lovato’s Bikini Body Is What Men Really Want

Work it, girlfriend! After Demi Lovato was spotted in a teeny bikini, psychologist and author of The Breakup Bible Rachel A. Sussman says she believes this is a very positive step in the star's recovery process -- and sets a realistic goal for young women everywhere. 

"We are all created to look different," Rachel says, noting that while magazines and advertisements often depict super skinny models, "men actually like women who are full figured" in real life.

"Most woman DO NOT have that skinny body type," she adds. "Unfortunately many girls who are full figured and healthy feel that they are fat, or too big, and that makes them very self-conscious. It can effect their self esteem too. You should be happy with your shape no matter what. I love it when I'm in Europe and I see heavy women or even grandmas rocking the bikini." 

Ultimately she says, "Accept yourself for who you are and work with what you've got. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident smile." 

As for Demi, "I think she looks very good and healthy in those photos," Rachel adds. "There is some meat on her body and that is the fact that she is out and allowing herself to be seen in a bikini shows that she is feeling better about her body -- and that's always a good sign for someone who has formerly had an eating disorder." 



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  • Carla

    Er is niemand beter dan de ander! Ze zijn almaeall even goed! Want ze hebben almaeall verschillende stemmen dus je kunt ze niet met elkaar vergelijken! Ik snap ook niet waarom jullie Miley zo haten, zij heeft ook veel opgegeven voor haar fans! En ze wordt ook volwassen! Ze leid nu haar eigen leven. En Selena wil misschien nog wel niet groot worden, maar als zij rookt gaan jullie haar dan ook haten? Er zijn zoveel mensen die roken. Ik zeg niet dat het goed is, maar om? daarom iemand te gaan haten.

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  • barbidiazf

    and when I say a healthy body I mean that doesn't look like she's starving herself!

  • barbidiazf

    perfection right here!finally celebrities with a healthy body!!

  • barbidiazf

    such a great body!!

  • ATC

    Perfect Body

  • monica

    Her Body is to die for!

  • barbidiazf

    she has such a beautiful body :)

  • saeed


  • lolol

    Demi is gorgeus.

  • Natalia

    looking good demi!!

  • simplydiffer

    I drool every time I see her bikini pics on my screen. Her hotness is just too much, just too friggin' much.

  • ChestyMcNagNag

    Just glad you call yourself curvy and not full-figured like the stupid article! And I agree, all women are real, and we should embrace our shape whether we are petite and curvy, tall and thin, or anything in between.

  • ChestyMcNagNag

    Demi is a gorgeous girl, and looks healthy and happy. However, the quotes featured in this article are idiotic. Why encourage and bash curvy women at the same time? Having curves and being full-figured are not necessarily the same thing! I do agree that women can be considered fat by society and themselves when they are in actuality much healthier than pin-thin celebrities, yet calling this group of women full-figured isn't really helping. Demi has curves, yes, but she is certainly not a size 12 like, say, Marilyn Monroe. (Who, in my opinion is on the smaller side of full-figured. She wouldn't shop at Lane Bryant.) This article implies some good points, like not every women have a skinny body type, and we should all love the skin we're in. But it is communicated in such a terrible way. "What men really want." Ha. No matter her body type, if a women feels confident in her bikini, most men will agree she looks beautiful!

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Not all men like curvy women and not all men like skinny women. I do think Demi looks healthier now than she did before though. Demi looks beautiful and her curves are killer but not all men like that, it's okay if not all men are attracted to you, it doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. I really do love that Demi is one of the only younger stars who refuses to be stick skinny, I am a curvy girl and it's nice to see someone young in the media who is curvy as well.

  • Em

    She looks so beautiful :)

  • Laura

    she looks so happy and healthy!! what a good role model

  • Laura

    so gorgeous!!

  • shane

    absolutely true. that is what i would call sexy!

  • Lilyy

    I think she looks great :)

  • Kana

    Demi looks beautiful, and has a great body.

  • hannahpr

    First of all, whoever wrote this, it is Affect, not Effect !!! This is the second time in a month I've seen this mistake in an article, come on people! If you're hiring someone to check the articles, I would be happy to do it ;) Second of all, it is completely ridiculous that this woman calls someone with Demi's figure "full-figured". That is NOT full-figured.

  • maryamcullen

    She is a very beautiful woman..

  • newpeople

    i am somewhat of a "curvy girl -(size 6)" BUT i find it really annoying that thin women get so much crap. IE people saying they arent "real women". if they are a woman they are real.. and yes men are attracted to them. everyone has different tastes in body types. i see plenty of thin and curvy women get attention! so can we just cut this out.

  • Jeannie Fisackerly
    Jeannie Fisackerly

    she looks good men like all shapes and sizes

  • mooncake

    i do that all the time and i'm happy with my body. maybe that's where her hands feel comfortable sitting, did u ever think about that??

  • bec

    why is no one else commenting on the fact that she is covering her stomach with her hands in EVERY PHOTO. that body language does not show a woman who's comfortable and happy with her body, it shows a woman who has been forced to do a pr stunt to "prove" that she's recovering. this is bullcrap. demi.. you are gorgeous and have a gorgeous figure.. but i'm sorry you have to be shoved in the camera so much :(

  • Tay

    demi=healthy hottie girl

  • Jean Alfonsi
    Jean Alfonsi

    This woman calls herself a psychologist? I feel bad for her patients. Who would mention the term "full figured" and "having meat on her bones" when talking about someone with a known eating disorder. Demi certainly isn't "full figured". She looks beautiful, healthy and most of all, happy!! I wish her much success on her continued recovery. She should be so proud of herself. She is a great role model for girls everywhere.

  • VanessaJean CarlRay Hampton
    VanessaJean CarlRay Hampton

    finally a celebrity who looks healthy!!!

  • mileyismylife

    Her curves are phenominal, i would die for her body! Demi is beyond beautiful :)

  • Hannah Lee-Marie
    Hannah Lee-Marie


  • Steven Epstein
    Steven Epstein

    nah!!! gimme katy perry!!!!!

  • Kait

    she has an amazing body. i would love to be her size. her size is perfect.. compared to other girls that like to be twigs. shes healthy and she looks happy. Thats all that matters

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    shes so amazing - best body ever

  • dumas1000

    It's common knowledge that these type of celebrity gossip websites are frequented mostly by women, and that the entire fashion industry is controlled by a combination of women and gay men. Women have a tendancy to act petty and jealous and to display envy in the presense of other women who garner too much attention. When people on these celebrity websites/blogs/forums criticize someone like Demi for being "fat," 99 percent of those people doing the criticizing are women. And they know she's not fat. But they're jealous. Women are ruthless in the way in which they cannibolize their own. Straight dudes do prefer a curvy woman. But straight guys don't visit these sort of websites, and they don't work in the fashion industry, and they don't publish fashion magazines, and they don't involve themselves in the catty culture of deciding who and who isn't fat. If Perez Hilton accuses some woman of being fat, what difference does it make? I've seen quite enough of the beauty of women being judged solely by other women and gay men. What do they know about a desireable woman anyway? They don't desire women, period.

  • Anon

    I'm sick of psychologist's telling us what we do or don't like, many men (myself included) find Demi Lovato's body attractive, however many other men prefer different body types and don't find her attractive. Making a statement suggesting that all men like full figured women is a lie, I understand that in the past "full figured" women have had self-esteem issues due to the media's portrayal of whats attractive, but if we start implying that you have to be curvy to be sexy than we will end up with a generation of naturally thin woman developing the same body image issues and have them going to extreme lengths to fit in. Woman need to embrace the body type they have, eat a healthy diet and do healthy amounts of exercise, than when they look in the mirror accept that there is not one women walking this earth that everyman in the world finds attractive.