Psychologist Tells Celebuzz Demi Lovato’s Bikini Body Is What Men Really Want

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Work it, girlfriend! After Demi Lovato was spotted in a teeny bikini, psychologist and author of The Breakup Bible Rachel A. Sussman says she believes this is a very positive step in the star’s recovery process — and sets a realistic goal for young women everywhere. 

“We are all created to look different,” Rachel says, noting that while magazines and advertisements often depict super skinny models, “men actually like women who are full figured” in real life.

“Most woman DO NOT have that skinny body type,” she adds. “Unfortunately many girls who are full figured and healthy feel that they are fat, or too big, and that makes them very self-conscious. It can effect their self esteem too. You should be happy with your shape no matter what. I love it when I’m in Europe and I see heavy women or even grandmas rocking the bikini.” 

Ultimately she says, “Accept yourself for who you are and work with what you’ve got. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident smile.” 

As for Demi, “I think she looks very good and healthy in those photos,” Rachel adds. “There is some meat on her body and that is good…plus the fact that she is out and allowing herself to be seen in a bikini shows that she is feeling better about her body — and that’s always a good sign for someone who has formerly had an eating disorder.”