Paris Hilton Returns to Coachella in Teeny Bikini Top (PHOTOS)

Another day, another bikini for Paris Hilton!

California saw a major rise in temperature on Friday and the 31-year-old heiress made the most of the heat by stripping down to yet another skimpy swimsuit. Armed with glow sticks, Paris made the pilgrimage back to the desert for another Coachella weekend and was seen dancing in the crowd during her boyfriend Afrojack's set.

Things between the socialite and her Dutch DJ beau are starting to look serious. In March, Paris flew to Miami beach to support her guy as he spun records at a few local gigs. 

Check out Paris busting a move at the Ultra Music Festival below!



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  • Katy

    Paris, Lyndsey and Brittney all promise to wear unides.ALL should abolish hooker red lipstick (especially with those hooker high heels)UGGS are just plain Ugly and they should be stoppedTry adopting children from your own country before trying to fix the rest of the world.

  • Octavio

    I think their PR strategy is to come out in a plubic enviroment and be themselves. I do agree with Lainey that they're testing the enviroment to prepare the media n plubic for award season. By that time the tabs should get it right about their relationship and the plubic should be use to seeing Brangelina out n about as a couple.I'm glad their letting the plubic into their relationship. I was getting tired of the media telling us what their relationship was about now Brad and Angie are showing up how close they are and how much they love each other by their actions.Those are lovely photos.

  • Sandra

    even though everyone thinks she's a barbie and all ways talks shit about her, i'm happy to see that she didn't get a boob job or a nose job or anything in that manner.