Shirtless Showdown: Joe Manganiello vs. Joe Jonas at Coachella (PHOTOS/POLL)

It's a battle of the shirtless Joes!

Both Joe Manganiello and Joe Jonas hit up Coachella Music Festival on the same day and -- luckily for us -- the two Hollywood hotties were oh-so-kind enough to ditch their shirts. With so many celebs out and about in Indio, Calif. this weekend, we're bound to get a few style showdowns, no?

So who's the hotter Coachella Joe? Flip through the photo gallery, then cast your vote in the poll!

 Magic Mike star Manganiello went topless when the desert heat was too much to bare. With his shirt tucked into his pocket, the 35-year-old was seen cooling off at a beverage cart as he grabbed drink with a gal pal.

Later on in the day, a shirtless Jonas was spotted dancing in the crowd at David Guetta's sweaty set. The 22-year-old rocker even snapped a few Coachella photos for his Instagram. He tweeted:

So many celebs, so little time! Check out more Coachella star sightings in the video below. 



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  • Carlos

    Not true. Fact check. Article is from a two week old piece that's on the newsstands from In Touch Weekly. Their reasniotlhip is nothing more than showmanship just like Berry and Martinez's. Halle's promoting her movie, fun how the tables have turned that she has a movie coming out and how she used to bash the exes. Seriously, doubt any of this can be taken seriously. Doubt he and Kim will even be an item in a few months or this time next year.

  • Rai

    Definitely Pippa. LiLo looks washed up, rode hard and put away wet. The hair is awful and she hsonetly looks hungover.Pippa is poised, elegant and graceful. So what if we're tired of hearing about her. She still kills in this look, hands down.Well-loved. Like or Dislike? 8 1

  • Lynn Moss
    Lynn Moss

    Joe M. all the way! Give me a real man any day! So JJ is 22...and? Simple age does not a man make, and all the tween, teen, and dirty old woman drooling in the world ain't gonna change that.

  • Heather Ann
    Heather Ann

    Definitely Joe Jonas. I mean........damn. Look at that body.

  • Heather Ann
    Heather Ann

    Ha! So is Joe - he's 22 years old.

  • MrsJonas

    let's make babies

  • MrsJonas

    lol are you serious? why are you even asking? JOE JONAS ALL THE WAY. ALWAYS

  • cate

    Joe Jonas♥

  • christine

    wow! he is sexy. someone please help me understand how celebs don't get mobbed by fans at coachella?!

  • I said
    I said

    Ah, I thought this was a joke. No doubt the majority commenting are teenagers or cougars, lol. Little boy body vs a grown man's competition. Manganiello by a long shot.

  • aanchal

    joe jonas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joe has amazing body

  • Annie Shahnazaryan
    Annie Shahnazaryan

    Of course Joe Jonas *-* You didn't even have to do a competition. JoeJ FTW.

  • bonbon

    Yeah I think they both look great. But Joe M, has like moobs which are Joe Jonas gets my vote..Who would have thought that a Jonas Brother was a) this hot, and b) had a body like this? Way to blow you're brothers out of the water Joe!

  • Briana

    Joseph Jonas ..... 'Cause Hoseph always wins. Have y'all seen his abs? Let's get real, here.

  • Andrea Jonatika Sosa
    Andrea Jonatika Sosa

    Joe Jonas!! ♥

  • alien

    lol does joe look like a boy? look at his body. he's a man too. Jonas is definitely hotter.

  • Karen Lee Corley Adams
    Karen Lee Corley Adams

    Definitely Joe!!

  • Cam Fleishman
    Cam Fleishman

    Joe Manganiello is hotter. He is a man, not a boy!!!

  • ashley

    joe jonas, definitely.

  • yolo

    Young JJ is sexier

  • emily

    i mean joe jonas lol

  • emily


  • Emma Nielsen
    Emma Nielsen


  • yolo

    i voted for Jonas because he has normal nipples.