Giuliana & Bill Rancic Expecting First Child

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Says she has been given a second lease on life.
Giuliana Talks Babies!
Giuliana opens about about her struggle to have children.
After years of trying, Giuliana Rancic announced Monday morning on TODAY that she and husband Bill are expecting their first child. Following news that the E! News host, 37, was diagnosed with cancer, it was looking like she may not be able to have a child. But thanks to a gestational carrier, the couple are expecting in late summer.

Giuliana and Bill revealed on TODAY that their baby’s carrier lives in Denver and is married with two children. They kept mum about everything else, adding that they wanted to keep some things private.

A gestational carrier is different from a surrogate in that the woman is not related to Giuliana and Bill in any way.

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Celebuzz caught up with Giuliana and Bill this past October, and the two were certainly optimistic about having a child.

“Ultimately, our doctors say that they can get us pregnant. We’re going to one of the most successful IVF doctors in the world, and we believe in him. We’ll see what happens,” Bill told us, adding that adoption rumors aren’t true. “Adoption is still an option down the road, but right now, we’re going through IVF, and we believe we’re going to have a really good outcome. We have high hopes this time around.”