Jennifer Hudson’s Heartbreaking Testimony: I Told My Sister Not to Marry Him

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Emotions were running high on Monday as Jennifer Hudson took the stand to testify in the murder trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew in 2008. 

“I would tell Julia over and over again not to marry William,” Hudson, 30, said of her sister Julia’s husband William Balfour, who is accused of committing the murders (via Chicago Sun Times).  “None of us myself, my mother, or my brother, we did not like how he treated her and I didn’t like how he treated my nephew.”

The Oscar winner recalled the earth-shattering day she found out that her family had been murdered, as she was in Tampa, FL at the time. 

“I noticed that — I’m looking to see the text from my mom and it wasn’t any. I kept sitting there wondering, like that’s strange. That was the first thing I said, ‘My mom didn’t text me,’” Hudson remembers. “Maybe she’s busy, I don’t know. I knew she would get back to me, you know, so I remember falling back to sleep. And when I woke up, that’s when I got the news.”

She said that an hour later her sister, 34, called in hysterics. “My sister called my fiance’s phone. I remember it like yesterday, obviously. And he couldn’t understand what she was saying because she was so hysterical and I grabbed the phone from him and that’s when she told me.”

When asked to identify her mother Darnell Donerson in a photo, she answered, “That’s my mommy.” 

The judge called a break in the trail that will resume later today in an Illinois courtroom.