Katy Perry Kisses & Cuddles With New Beau Robert Ackroyd at Coachella (PHOTOS)

Katy's Kissing Connection
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Russell Brand who? Love was in the air at week two of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., with Katy Perry flaunting her new relationship with Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. 

Baring her midriff in lavender high-waisted shorts that matched her sheer top and hair, the singer couldn't stop smiling as she cuddled, kissed and held hands with her tall and handsome boyfriend. 

The two couldn't keep their hands off each other with the tattooed, British musician even picking up the "ET" singer off the ground at times as she giggled in his ear. Katy, 27, looks to have her mojo back, tweeting: 

Meanwhile, her beau wrote: Could he be talking about the little lady in his embrace? Regardless, we're happy she's happy! What do you think of this new couple: spring fling or the real thing? Let us know, below.



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  • Fabiola Galindo Valer
    Fabiola Galindo Valer

    se ven demasiado lindos juntos <3 por fin katy perry encontro a su media naranja (ojala jaja) y es muchisimo mejor que Russell... no se como pudo fijarse en el..

  • emersonnes46

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  • zazzz

    i. think. i. love. u.

  • zazzz

    omg lol, why dont you go and google what type of addict Russell is and then tell me he didn't cheat on Katy. Katy has a busy schedule, always off on tour, he had the perfect oppurtunity to cheat on her, and he did just that. lol, Katy didn't cheat on him, so clearly she is innocent. i agree 100% with Bo, its ok for Russell to date women one day after they spilt, yet Katy isnt allowed? Russell? respect Katy? HAHAHAHA cute story. if he respected her and their marriage, why did he cheat on her ay?

  • jim

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  • 7

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  • Jen Dhana Clarke
    Jen Dhana Clarke

    She isn't married anymore. Who said there is a period where you aren't suppose to date? I think it's perfectly normal especially when meeting a lot of people that you might just happen to meet someone new at the same time. Russell not flaunting his girlfriends he's had. Lots of them, saw pics. More one at time as well. Don't judge unless you're perfect and I can bet none of you are.

  • spiniton85

    i just looove the color of her hair right now.

  • Bo

    What i said.. we can't judge on or another. But i don't think Katy is being disrespectful towards Russel in any way. What is over is over.. there's no limit to dating again after a break up or divorce. I think people should be happy for Katy that she found love or at least happiness again.. it's rude to judge her, for that we know nothing about them.

  • Vivian

    Russell was NOT cheating your precious Katy. That's her friends B.S. to make her look innocent. And that's your poor excuse to make her look less w****e.

  • Susan


  • Bo

    So she got dumped & he was seen dating other women basically the next day, but it's fair to judge her for moving on with her life & find happiness again. Yeah.. right that makes perfect sense. She is 27 for god's sake.. let her enjoy her unmarried life while she can. And if in fact we can judge someone in this case (which we actually can't) it's Russell.. he seems to be nothing but a disrespectful little boy.

  • zazzz

    just becos she moved on quitely you've 'lost all respect for her'? lololol. Russell was cheating on her while they were married, she deserves to be happy. atleast she's havin fun and getting out there. there marriage wasn't for very loong, if they were married for 22 years and she moved on straight after they split, that would be a little odd but that's her choice, no need to go all nuclear on the poor thing, jeez man....

  • Rania

    She has only been divorced for 3 months and she's already found a new bf. I wonder if celebs have real feelings about anyone. Lost all my respect for her. Russell had a lucky escape.

  • Jodie Atkinson
    Jodie Atkinson

    I'm so happy for her!

  • roman