Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Cozy Up at Scott Disick's Restaurant Opening (PHOTOS)

Kanye West is keeping up!

Rumored girlfriend Kim Kardashian took the 34-year-old rapper to meet her folks in New York City on Monday night. Joined by Kim's mother Kris Jenner, brother-in-law Lamar Odom, and sisters Khloe, Kylie and Kourtney, the duo were all smiles as they celebrated the grand opening of Scott Disick's new restaurant, RYU.

Although Kim, 31, have yet to confirm her relationship with Kanye, the couple looked incredibly close in a photo that hit Twitter on the same night. In the pic, the pair were snapped beaming at the camera with their hands casually draped across each other's laps.

If that wasn't enough to fuel romance rumors, Kim was also spotted departing from LAX wearing the initials "KW" as earrings that morning.

Do you think Kimye is an official thing? Sound off in the comments.



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  • lza

    So cute x)

  • jaguarxke

    This is all about publicity. Don't fall for them being a couple.

  • Golden Goddess
    Golden Goddess

    I'm no KK fan, but gold digger does not apply to her. She i very wealthy in her own right.

  • Juliette Farrah
    Juliette Farrah

    No.. You are wrong. Scott is Kourtney's boyfriend and father of her 2 children. Scott and Kim were never married. So, you are the idiot :)

  • Savannah Dinger
    Savannah Dinger

    that's a nice couple. Enjoy

  • Stressfree Payton
    Stressfree Payton


  • rose

    is this the same outfit kim wore to church,the easter sunday?

  • sakhile

    for kim is all about money nothing more nothing less

  • kisama

    Get your facts right. She was married to Kris Humphries, and Scott is Kourtney's boyfriend. So to answer your question: No, it isn't a conflict of interests.

  • diana12

    They are perfect for eachother both go getters and ambitious:) Her ex was terrible and could not compete with her on many levels!

  • yolo

    lol babe, ur rambling on about nothing. i stopped reading after the second sentence seeing as it made no sense at all. lol

  • Lucinda Cindy Diaz Zabala
    Lucinda Cindy Diaz Zabala

    Happy they are not in Dallas anymore. What cry babies.

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    She'll look like an idiot, and will be embarrassed as well! She was married to Scott, and they will look like morons.

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    Are you sure this is a good idea for the both of them to be seen at Scott's restraunt? She was married to Scott, so isn't a conflict of interests? What if they get into a argument? How's that going to look for Kim? My guess is she'll look like an idiot, and will

  • Tc Payne
    Tc Payne

    Kourt always looks so stunning!

  • hollyyy

    Well, I'm glad scott got his resteraunt open...

  • JANE

    she looks awesome!

  • Linda

    Why r u all in Kim and Kanye's business? They r two grown-ass ppl.Stop being such a hater!!

  • just saying
    just saying

    future who**!!!!!!

  • mrsthang

    u stupid people allways hating on the kardashian only because the have money.puff said it more money more problems.its a stunt who gives a sht.two people that r having fun its life people why get so crazy over this family.i wonder if kim was not dating blackmen her choice would she be hated so much.what have she did to have the hater oh she had the nerve to make money and make a paris hilton.and so so many other females.but kim is the only one u here all the i wish u the best whom every u date thank god i have a life and its none of my bussiness.and kanye u took the mic from little taylor u will be hated for the rest of your life so u can be seen with mother teresa u will still be known as taking mic from little taylor that i never heard of until that night.its so sad this world dont forgive and allways putting negative bull crap on articals and the people u talking abt dont read this crap or give a rats azz what u think.sorry simon he is not ugly and why she have to be a gold digger really stupid people she is loaded she has money she dont need his money.when will people know they r wealthy sluty azz did coke went jail but u never hear anything negative abt her.if she was dating a blackman she would be another kim.haters stop

  • Jodie Atkinson
    Jodie Atkinson

    I'm pretty sure that he loves her!

  • Jodie Atkinson
    Jodie Atkinson

    holding hands??

  • dah

    don't you think its a little strange how out of nowhere he declares his love for her through a song and then they are suddenly dating? it's a stunt for sure, she just needs to be in the limelight with a positive buzz around her and he wants more fame, so what better then to form a 'relationship'. well clearly they are going to smile when they are with each other! if they are frown, then people will begin to speculate.

  • Joanna

    I don't think that it is a publicity stunt! I think they really have feelings for each other, besides they have been friends for a long time now. I personally think they look happy together whenever I see a picture of them out.

  • miss.rouso

    you two are amazing!!!

  • miss.rouso

    look'n hot khloe!

  • Jaime Koehler
    Jaime Koehler

    Simon....I think she has enough of her own money!! If not more than him!!

  • dah

    lol becos it's obvious? it's a publicity stunt, not too hard to work out babes..

  • Lisa

    and you know this how?

  • Tay

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Kk shoes!!!!!!!!!

  • dah

    but they aren't? lol

  • Muneca Cruel
    Muneca Cruel

    i don't see what the big deal is if they are dating why shouldn't she be happy? Mune

  • dah

    their 'relationship' isnt real, it's just a publicity stunt. Kanye needs more fame and Kim needs positive news surrounding her due to her fail of a marriage to Kris. its all a bunch of crap.

  • Guest

    WORST couple EVER! Sorry Kim, but you are still MARRIED! Kanye is a d o u c h e b a g ! You have no taste in men, Kim! How stupid can one be..

  • Michelle

    She's wearing the exact same outfit that Kim wore on Easter!

  • zazz

    simon, she's not dating him for the money cos clearly, she and her family are loaded. its a publicity stunt, they just crave attention.

  • Simon

    I mean Money Hungry!!

  • Simon

    Sorry Kim he is so UGLY.! But we all know that looks don't matter to you just the money and he has lots.! Can you say gold digger:)