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Miley Cyrus had a relaxing morning on April 23, and wanted to show some of her Twitter followers just how rejuvenating it was by posting a pic of her toned legs all cuddled up by a roaring fire. (Looks like all those pilates classes are paying off!)

Sharing the above photo, the 19-year-old “Party in the USA” singer said:

All kidding aside, Miley did mention in a later tweet that she did in fact have a number of meetings lined up, saying:

Also, it looks like she is missing her BF Liam Hemsworth lately, because she also wrote: “Aerosmith said it right. ‘I don’t wanna close my eyes. I don’t wanna fall asleep cause I’ll miss you babe… & I don’t wanna miss a thing. It’s lucky I dream about you every night otherwise sleep would be torture. I would miss you to much to bear.'”

Poor Miley!

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