Readers Respond: Will Lindsay Lohan Make a Good Elizabeth Taylor?

Linds on 'Glee'
Chris Colfer says Lindsay Lohan will be 'damn funny.'
Will Lindsay Lohan make a great dame?

It was announced on Monday that the troubled, 25-year-old year old Mean Girls actress would indeed portray the late Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Movie, Liz & Dick, which many are assuming could lead the way to her long-awaited comeback. However, there are still those who are on the fence as to whether Lindsay will do the legendary actress justice, thanks to her lukewarm episode of Saturday Night Live last month, which have many thinking she has lost those once fine acting chops.

We decided to ask our Facebook readers what they thought about Lindsay’s new gig, and we got some interesting responses.

Erica A. said: umm not sure

Marysia J. said: i can see ita ctually [sic]

Monika J. said: I hope this brings back her career! I really liked her before she went down hill :)

Cindy R. said: ummmm i dont think so…i go wit megan fox!

Britney L. said: She is very talented, nobody can deny. Give her another chance, God is the only one who can judge and give new opportunities, stop insulting her. Go Lindsay :)

Angela R. said: Umm..NO! The way her acting performance has been lately, not really spectacular. If she is given the role? She has ALOT of Researching to do and practicing! Just saying!

Ryan L. said: Hopefully this will be the movie that kick starts her career again. I want to see her do well! :-)

Tia C. said: noo wayy!!! i want megan fox too.. she would be a better one.

Jessica A. said: I am surprised they would pick LL?? I hope she does Elizabeth Taylor right IDK if this is a smart choice

Jean L. said: Well – she will really hve to show us she can act.

Maybe her guest starring role on Glee will give us a better insight as to how well she’ll do with this project?

What do you guys think? Keep the debate going in the comments!