Stylish Star or Fashion Fail? A Look at Nicki Minaj & Her Most Outrageous Outfits (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj recently wrapped her UK Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded promotional tour, and her wacky wardrobe certainly left a great deal of Brits gobsmacked in their tracks. From PVC tutus to leather chains, the 29-year-old rapper was basically seen wearing everything but the kitchen sink.

Is Nicki's style statements a little too over-the-top, or are we just too slow to realize that she's the future of fashion? Click the pics to see Nicki's wildest outfits then, in the comments, tell us if you'd ever rock any of her looks.

Despite the skin-tight suits and cleavage-baring garbs though, the "Super Bass" star insists that she wears clothes only for comfort.

"I have so many scars on my body from clothes that ruined my arms and stomach, so one of the biggest things for me is being comfortable," she revealed in a recent interview with Reuters. "I don't like to do the norm but I do like to be comfortable."

Check out the rest of Nicki's interview in the video below.



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  • Talkia

    lol dis nip slip.

  • Talkia

    it aint reall. the boobs the butt. it aint. the curves, yeah maybe. her butt was big enough before the surgery why she ghotta do that shitt. if it all was real she would obviously be stickin up for herself and said "no bitches. this is all real this is ALLL MINNEE" but no she just sit there. cause she caint claim it all hers. she fake. she bootiful doe.

  • melon

    that is 1 hot looking beautiful bodied b**ch

  • Grr Time
    Grr Time

    That is one fugly looking fat bitch

  • Anthony Finney
    Anthony Finney

    What a magnificent body!!

  • Sary Mencias
    Sary Mencias

    Love her in this

  • Rednasil Bernardina
    Rednasil Bernardina

    Nicki's outfits are crazy, but no fail though.. It fits her style and image, so why not?

  • mileyismylife

    her hair is amazing !

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    love this so much

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    Loved this one

  • mileyismylife

    i simply adore Nicki Minaj, she's so different and unique. her style is super quirky, cute and out there and it works wonders for her. :)