Which Role Was Chris Evans Disappointed to Lose to Ryan Gosling? (PHOTOS)

Chris Talks 'Avengers'
Would Evans swap roles with RDJ?
Chris Evans stars in The Avengers, and during a sit down interview with Playboy, the Captain America actor revealed one movie that got away… to Ryan Gosling!

Any guesses as to which role Evans was upset he lost out on?

“I remember I really wanted that movie Fracture that Ryan Gosling ended up doing,” Chris revealed. “I had a really good audition, and the director and I had gotten along incredibly well. He called me and said, ‘Listen, you’re my guy for this thing.’ But Ryan was on the way up as well, and I think he just read it and liked it. And Anthony Hopkins was in it. You can’t beat working with him.

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Chris stars in The Avengers out on May 4. Watch the latest trailer here: