Bar Refaeli Topless On Beach For Elle Spain Shoot

Bar Refaeli is setting the bar high!

The supermodel, 26, stripped down to nothing for her photo shoot for Elle Spain's latest issue. At times she was topless in only bikini bottoms, while in other shots, Bar went completely nude!

There's was also a video crew on set to get behind the scenes footage of the sexy shoot, and Bar was over the moon at about modeling for Elle, telling cameras,

"I hope you love the issue as much as I loved working on it. ... Let's make it once a year."
Take a glimpse at the video and you'll probably agree with Bar about making this sort of shoot an annual occurrence. Check out the video right here:



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  • Joe Friday
    Joe Friday

    Don't do it! Most of the guys who hang out on this site are child molesters. Vicentfy is a known sex offender with a rap sheet in the US and Thailand.

  • trololol

    Can you hear it? its the butt-hurt!

  • T from Indiana
    T from Indiana

    That is probably exactly right, given that the photographer is taking pictures of her that will be used to sell magazines. It would not make sense to allow someone to post a good quality video that includes everything they want to have exclusive access to to make their magazine more desirable.

  • alanwillingham

    Was the person who made the video forbidden to get close enough to bring her into focus? Most of this was clumsy and shot from far, far away.

  • Jay

    I think I sense jealously from Abby.

  • kamipj786


  • jen

    There is nothing disgusting about the naked human body, especially Bar Rafaeli.

  • Jeff Vachon
    Jeff Vachon

    So she's naked. What's the big deal? Aren't we all naked sometimes?

  • Wyatt

    Take the stick out of your butt.

  • rab07

    i'm sure there are plenty of women who wouldn't agree with the things you choose to do, or not to do with your body. She isn't you, let her do what she enjoys. Who are you to judge?

  • Christy

    I think you're completely wrong. She's a model. She's not posing for pornography, she's posing for fashion, a form of art. Her photos here are far from disgusting nor are they exploiting her. I highly doubt Bar Refaeli has lost any self respect in this shoot, and so she shouldn't. She looks absolutley stunning.

  • lol

    Ahhhhhhh so hot fuck

  • diana12

    Bar Rafaeli stunning hottest body in the world:)

  • abby163

    I hate models who pose naked, I think it exploits them and takes away their self-respect!It's disgusting and it shouldn't be seen as the 'norm'

  • abby163

    I don't like this one

  • mileyismylife

    She is so perfect!

  • timknotty

    Bar is simply AMAZING!!!