‘Fairly Legal’ Star Ryan Johnson: I Want to Hug Russell Crowe

Hot Aussies!
These hotties are from down under!
Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
According to our calendars, Thursday April 26 is officially Hug An Australian Day. What better way to celebrate than with an official approval from Down Under by Ryan Johnson, the new hottie on Fairly Legal

Ryan tells Celebuzz he fully endorses the holiday (which he had never heard of until we told him). This is a real thing that’s happening, people! Which Aussie star would he want to embrace most?

“I’m all for it,” he says with a laugh. “I think everyone who knows an Aussie should call that Aussie and tell them to stand on the street corner that day. So pretty much anywhere you are, you can just see one and hug them.”

As for his choice, “I’d like to hug Russell Crowe,” he says. Although Russ has a bit of a reputation for being scrappy. “I think the guy has a real tender side,” Ryan adds. “We could have a hug and just read some poetry together.”

Hugs aside, Ryan had the daunting task of joining Fairly Legal in the second season after the cast already knew each other.

“At first, it was quite intimidating,” he admits. “I thought the show was really cool and I thought the actors were really good [before the audition]. I landed the job and I started to realize that this was serious.”

The cast quickly helped him find his footing. “It was quite nerve wrecking, because I got there and there was Virginia Williams, Michael Trucco, and Baron Vaughn,” Ryan adds. “They are such good actors, but the coolest things about those guys is that they were so welcoming and supportive the whole way. I never felt like I was playing catch up.”

Although we dig his accent, he had to ditch it to play his money-hungry character. “It is something you really have to work on,” he reveals. “The accent thing definitely takes work, but we are a little more conditioned to it. We pretty much get all the big American shows here, so our ears are finely tuned to the American accent. We can differentiate between L.A., New York and New Jersey.”

Ryan also shared his love for Mad Men — and series star January Jones! “I’ve had a bit of January Jones thing going for a while,” he says. “My first week of shooting [Fairly Legal] I got to meet and work with Mark Moses and being a Mad Men fan I was pretty excited to meet Duck [Phillips from Mad Men].

He’s also a fan of social media! Tweet Ryan @ryanjohnsonofoz to give him a virtual hug this Thursday! 

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