Guess the Lyrics: Justin Bieber or One Direction? (PHOTOS)

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Justin Bieber and One Direction have some of the best pop songs in recent memory, but can you decipher between their swoon-worthy lyrics?

The Twitter-sphere went a little 1D/Bieber crazy on Tuesday, April 24, with a number of worldwide trending topics such as “What Makes 1D Beautiful” and other ones urging people to replace 1D songs with the word “Justin”. Celebuzz thought we’d take the opportunity to put fans to the test (literally!) by putting together a fun little guessing game.

Whether it’s 18-year-old JB’s new hit “Boyfriend” or 1D’s catchy track “Tell Me a Lie,” can YOU guess who sang what?

Put on your thinking cap, and click through the gallery to test your knowledge!

What’s your favorite songs from the Biebs and 1D? Sound off in the comments!

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