Kissing Connection: Taylor Lautner's Love Life Revealed! (VIDEO)

Since making his debut in the Twilight Saga films, 20-year-old Taylor Lautner's love life has been widely speculated not only by twihards, but by most people who find the teen heartthrob simply irresistible!

While most of the Twilight couple news has focused on the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance, TLaut has gone a little more under the radar with his hook-ups. The hottie has been linked up to many young actresses in Hollywood from Selena Gomez to Lily Collins.

One of his most publicized flings was another Taylor, country music superstar Taylor Swift. The two met on the set of 2010's Valentine's Day and caused quite a media frenzy with their brief relationship.

Most recently Tay Tay has been linked up with an old flame, Los Angeles Clippers cheerleader Sarah Hicks. It remains to be seen whether the two former lovebirds have rekindled their romance or just remain close friends.

Check out the video to see a complete rundown of Taylor's love history. Which of the ladies do you think is the best match for the dreamy hunk? Let us know in the comments!



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  • alexus thomas
    alexus thomas


  • samane

    just selena...

  • nora

    i say me cause i will make taylor happy and he is my best friend

  • Jamal Akbar
    Jamal Akbar

    I don't think Taylor is interested in having a serious relationship at the moment. i do think that he and Sara are good friends that hang out from time to time.I believe he likes to hang out in safe territory, and Sara is safe! he is only 20 and I don't blame him for not wanting to be one someone permanetly as such a young age! Date around Taylor you have plenty of time!

  • Ginger

    Taylor has always been with Sara - all the starlets were for PR. I love that in the latest pics they look so happy and relaxed. Maybe now that they are older Taylor's PR team will just leave them alone and let them be together.

  • crzo

    hey gina dont star anything ok?

  • Gina

    KRISTEN STEWART! But if that's not possible, than I'll settle for Kristen Stewart...i mean Sara. She's been there since before, during...she obviously genuinely cares about him.