Readers Respond: Team Jennifer Aniston or Team Angelina Jolie?

Brangelina Engaged!
Manager confirms the longtime couple will wed
Celebuzz presented a Style Showdown to get your take on the one of the most famous, media-spun feuds in Hollywood:  Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie. The actresses have been at the center of one of the biggest celebrity feuds ever since Jen and Brad Pitt ended and the romance between Angie and Brad began.

No doubt both women are A-list heavy hitters in Hollywood, but still, years after Brad and Jen’s divorce, many fans are still fighting on the side of either Team Jolie or Team Aniston.

Here’s what our readers had to say about the feud that’s been in the media once again now that Angelina and Brad announced their engagement. According to our poll, Jennifer is the favorite, earning 75% of the vote against Angelina.

A few of our readers’ comments read:

Lisa F. posted: “Jennifer all the way!! Angelina is so weird and a home wreaker!” Another commenter, Tracy F., declared,”Team jen here, natural looking woman are way hotter, besides angie is a homewreckin’ w****….just sayin.”

J. Helen A. commented: “Jolie! She actually does good things with her life!!! Not like the selfish aniston. No wonder why brad left her lame a**.”

Kadiyah O., was pretty adamant about her opinion, saying: “Ok I’m going to comment as if they are sports figures. That being said, all you Jen Anniston fans, clearly you prefer the superficial. If you’re on Team Jolie, you believe in world peace, community, family and love. You learned from your mistakes and now you spend your time trying to make the world a better place. Team Jolie women are sexy, confident and know how to keep a man.”

Lawren Elaine Dodson: “I love Jennifer Aniston but she doesn’t have any reason to look bad in a bikini. She has never had kids, never gained weight for a role, Angelina has had children and one pregnancy was twins!”

Heather Lynn McCallum: “I have always been an Aniston fan and never really of Angelina, but they are both good actresses. Jen looks amazing and Angelina needs to increase calorie intake to gain weight. I like Jen style much better.”

J Helen Arguelles: “Jolie! She actually does good things with her life!!!”

Lisette Rangel : “Angelina!!! She looks better even after being pregnant twice!! Jennifer is toned but Angelina has a nicer figure! Team Angie!!! ♥”

Cely Benitez Aniston: “Aniston is the best !! Hands down!!”

Didn’t get a chance to state your case? Defend your favorite gal in the comments!