The Situation Says Estranged Dad ‘Still MIA’ — But Open To Reconciliation (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has opened the door to a possible reconciliation with his estranged father who notoriously launched a series of foul-mouthed video tirades about his famous off-spring.

“Pops is still MIA … he made a bad decision in life,” the 29-year-old MTV star said, in a new interview. “Maybe one day he will be back in the picture. But as of right now, well, he made a made decision.”

On an anti-Sitch website, which went public in May 2011, Frank Sorrentino bashed his son for allegedly deserting his family after he got famous.

He labeled Mike a “little f—” and revealed that he planned on penning a tell-all book documenting their relationship titled “Confrontation with Situation.”

Mike eventually sued his father, who is divorced from The Situation’s mother, Linda.

Mike dropped the lawsuit in July when his father filed legal documents apologizing to his son and agreeing to stop using the Jersey Shore star’s name, image and likeness to make a dollar. Frank took down the website.

Speaking on his FilmOn internet television show SituationTV, the reality star said: “He (Frank) tried to write a tell all book about me and it didn’t work out.”