Celeb Trainer on Miley Cyrus’ Diet: Gluten Free Doesn’t Mean Healthy!

When a slimmed-down and ab-tastic Miley Cyrus revealed she’s been on a gluten-free diet because of a food allergy, many of her fans reportedly decided to follow suit in search of similar results.

But celebrity trainer Lalo Fuentes — who doesn’t work with Miley, 19, but trains Emily VanCamp (Revenge) and Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries) – revealed there are pros and cons of this diet trend!

What are they? See his diet tips after the jump.

“People who go on a Gluten-Free diet usually do it because of a chronic digestive disorder called celiac disease,” Lalo explained, in an interview with Celebuzz.

“Some of the symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation and even unexplained weight loss. It is a pretty common disease affecting one in every 150 people in America.”

“Then we have other people who do it because everybody is doing it,” he added.

“They want to try something new. The misconception is that because something is gluten free, it must be healthy and won’t make you gain weight — which is wrong.”

Lalo said there are important differences to note.

“If you compare a regular product with a gluten free product, very often you will find that the gluten free product contains more calories, fat and carbs than the regular product. Going on a Gluten-Free diet without educating yourself properly could lead to nutritional deficiencies that regular whole grain products provide.”

There are benefits, however.

Lalo explained, “By starting a Gluten-Free diet, you will tend to stop eating your regular processed food and instead start eating fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. All that healthy eating that will soon lead you to weight loss.”

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