DJ Pauly D Beefs Up: See Before & After! (PHOTOS)

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Looks like DJ Pauly D has been doing twice as much GTL these days!

While attending the kickoff for the Rehab pool at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend, the 31-year-old reality star showed off a much bulkier physique in a tank top and cargo shorts. Though we know (and love!) the Jersey Shore fella for his lean and muscular bod, it definitely looks as though he's put on some extra pounds -- all in muscle!

Do you like Pauly's new look?

FYI, the photo of Pauly on the left hand side is from earlier this year, and the photo on the right is from this past weekend! Quite the change!

Check out the gallery, then sound off in the comments!

Also, Pauly wouldn't be the only Hollywood hunk to beef up recently. Mark Wahlberg has been seen showing off his much beefier bod while filming Pain & Gain in Miami over the past few weeks.

Do you like the super muscular look on guys? Or do you prefer something different?


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  • isaiah

    wooow it really shows how shallow u fuckers are, like for real. just cuz he gained pounds u gonna drop em like that. get outta here, pauly D all day, skinny, lean, obiese, who gives a fk YEAH BUDDEH!!!

  • Amy

    Oh, what a shame. He was so good looking before. Now he just looks bloated.

  • jblover

    LMFAO. he used to look so good before. now he just looks sooo FUNNY

  • kim

    he looks so swollen :( you looked better before

  • Pynk Ladi
    Pynk Ladi

    I luv pauly d

  • Hannah Lee-Marie
    Hannah Lee-Marie

    Y is his face looking so chubby lately?

  • Gaye Crause
    Gaye Crause

    Ugh! What have you done! You look terrible.

  • gaga

    holy ... his face looks really puffy :\

  • emersonnes46

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  • johnna

    watch out ronnie here comes dj pauly D looking fine and buffed he is looking a whole lot bigger and finer

  • Kristen Elizabeth
    Kristen Elizabeth

    He looks old in this picturee!

  • Jenn Lopez
    Jenn Lopez

    So sexy

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    ew wtf roids... he looks fat.. not good

  • Jessie Bedard
    Jessie Bedard