Fashion Flyby: Kendall Jenner Bares Midriff & Rocks Ripped Leggings at LAX (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner flies in style, that's for sure!

The 16-year-old reality star (and model!) was seen touching down at LAX with her younger sister Kylie on Wednesday, and the two were showing off a bit of skin. Kylie, 14, was in a midriff-baring sweater, while Kendall showed off not only her abs, but her legs as well, as she was wearing some very ripped leggings. Since these two were just named west coast fashion contributors for Seventeen magazine, we're sure there are plenty of girls who would want to duplicate these ensembles.

Looks like skin is a common theme among Kardashian sisters these days!

On the same day but opposite coast, their older sis Kim Kardashian, 31, flaunted her gorgeous gams in a short black shirt.

Also, it looks like Kendall had a short (but sweet) big apple trip, tweeting: Those girls are always on the move!

Do you like Kendall's look? Click through the gallery, then play fashion critic in the comments!



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  • kendall lover
    kendall lover

    gosh it's monster beats!

  • kardashiansonmydick

    god shed be so tight to fuck .

  • Jen

    How is this "too naked"? Because you can see her legs through the holes, seriously? What if she were wearing shorts? Would that be too naked? Should she go out in a turtleneck and sweatpants until she's 18 to protect her from all the scary men out there? Gimme a fuckin' break.

  • Talie

    i have to agree, she is beautiful,but i have to agree that she is too naked for her aged. both kendall and kylie are trying to life too fast. they should take it more easy!!

  • kendalllover

    I would love to lick every inch of that sexy body.

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    You're a retard.

  • Kardashianlover321

    Nah u must be old this is what we ware these days honey!@@@@@

  • flowermingo


  • flowermingo

    ya i so agree.

  • zlee

    You both are soo prettyyy

  • mileyismylife

    she is so perfect i'm going to cry !

  • Tia

    @Brittany.....Buy some cheap tights and cut them yourself lol, I got some old ones that I hardly wore but cut them on the side and wahla they look the exact same prob cost you heaps in a shop lol but I wear mine with tunics or long tops and flat ankle boots! Just an idea.

  • erika leann
    erika leann

    Nice, i do have to agree that leggins are not pants, YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING ! also i like to point out that i think khole's body is the best ! not to much, not to skinny, the PERFECT size !!!!!1

  • Stefanie Tucker
    Stefanie Tucker

    I'm a huge fan too and I'd wear those,but leggings are not pants, her butt should be covered.

  • Suzan

    Way too revealing. Put on some clothes. This is why children are sexualized these days. So tired of it.

  • ladybug54

    Everything is covered, when I was a teen I wore tight ripped jeans, its a look , a fad she can wear them and get away with it, but a bigger girl, well then I would say another look would be better. I think if she does not wear them with heels,its all good.

  • Brittany

    Those are ADORABLE! I want some! Where do I get them?! :)

  • emersonnes46

    as Sherry answered I am blown away that a mother can make $5822 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this site...

  • Evelyn Marie LeBlanc
    Evelyn Marie LeBlanc

    Have to agree that these are disqusting. Huge fan of all the Kardashian/Jenner family, but we must be real with ourselves these look ridiculously trashy!

  • Javonda Mori Dit Omar
    Javonda Mori Dit Omar

    I'm sorry but damn, is there a role model in the family? At 14 and 16, I'd be whooping some you know what if my kids were seen out in public showing their bodies for the whole world to see. And since your older sisters are busy bedding rappers who boast about it with lyrics like her showing up in his doorway with no panties on, the other one can't find a bra that fits on national TV, and the other one can't find birth control that works, who can tell you how to dress? Your Mom is living precariously through all of you, so why not walk through the airport naked? You can tell PETA that you're on their side!

  • sara

    those tights are hideous...

  • Denise Hazell
    Denise Hazell

    I am a fan so i'm sure you won't mind my honesty and i mean no disrespect ...if she was wearing heels with the leggings she'd look like a hooker, sorry :( i'm sure she's plenty of other beautiful clothes that would compliment her better..

  • Sara Carnes
    Sara Carnes

    I will pass on those thanks. She might as well have just worn her underwear

  • isaac

    thumbs up. cuz im bored.