Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Attend Chanel Event Together in New York (PHOTOS)

Hand in Hand!
Kim Kardashian, Kim Kanye West Grab Dinner in New York

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are showing a bit more PDA this week. All signs are pointing to that the two are dating especially after the rumored couple was spotted arriving at Chanel's seventh annual artists dinner, held Tuesday night at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Dressed in a hip-hugging black and white dress by -- who else? -- Chanel, Kim looked happier and more beautiful than ever as she arrived at the event with Kanye. She even held onto his hand at one point, sparking even more rumors that Kim and Kanye -- excuse us, "Kimye" -- are, in fact, an item.

Kimye has been getting their PDA on a lot lately in the last couple of weeks. On Monday, they cozied up at the opening of Scott Disick's new restaurant, RYU. A few days prior, Kim was also spotted wearing earrings with the letters "K" and "W" as she departed from LAX. Hmmm!

Kim and Kanye were first rumored to be dating in April. They have yet to confirm or deny their relationship together.

What do you think? Do these two make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Adam

    hey everyone, i'm Adam. HAHAHA JKS, buzz off person above.

  • zazzz

    y333aaHHHh gUUrrllll! .. learn to type babes, couldn't understand a word you said. i guess you are trying to stick up for Kim if i decoded your terrible typing properly. lol, it's all fake, they want attention. if you think about it, you'll see how fake and dumb the whole stunt really is.

  • GEXP84

    OOOOH I SEE NOW ... after launching clothing fragance even a bedding line thats not enough for KIM so she decides to date Kanye West ... why? cuz when the relationship is over HE IS GOING TO PAY HER A TOOOONNN OF MONEY for that SILENCE AGREEMENT that also amber rose sign .. it was millions ... so like a spanish saying says por la plata baila el mono.

  • DDot

    You know what i am happy for kim. Sh finally looks really happy. You go girl. f*** what anyone says they hattin dey wana be u dats there problem they anit on dat level. You do what u feel dat makes u happy. Thier are bitchs in the hood dat F+++ and s+++ has many p+++++ as possible and anit nobody stressin dem but once u famous everybody wants a piece and deyll do anything like try to ruin someone else rep for it. WHat wack ass people

  • emersonnes46

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  • wess

    Kanye West is Kim's type. Kanye is A-list, an international celebrity.

  • catssarecool

    i agree with the above comment -- i think it's all for show. kanye craves fame, kim needs to be in the spotlight 24/7, so basically they are perfect to play a 'couple'.

  • zazzz

    Great, another opportunity for them to flaunt their fake relationship. -.-