'Lindsay Lohan Is Worth Saving': Rosie O'Donnell Defends 'TODAY' Statements on Personal Blog

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In the wake of her controversial appearance on the TODAY show, in which she said that Lindsay Lohan was not in a good place to portray Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming movie for Lifetime, Rosie O'Donnell took to her personal blog on Wednesday to defend her comments, accusing certain websites of taking them out of line.

"I don't get it," she wrote. "It seemed pretty clear to me ... Working right now seems like a bad idea. It is not about her talent; it is about her health. Lindsay Lohan needs help."

Rosie, 50, then got a little more personal, recalling the days of when she met Lindsay, 25, back when she was a rising actress.

"I met her when she was a young girl," she wrote. "Smart, adorable and full of light. We all watched her this last decade -- a true Hollywood story."

Lohan was confirmed to play the two-time Oscar-winning legend, who died in March 2011 after decades of health issues, this week. The topic was subsequently brought up by TODAY host Matt Lauer during the show's Professionals segment, with Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Rosie.

Rosie spoke very candidly about Lohan during the segment, admitting, "I feel very sorry for her. I think she needs a lot of help. She needs a lot of time away."

"I think she's not in a place to work."

The comments were quickly picked up around the globe, which Rosie claims she later discovered when she went to search for Lindsay Lohan's name in Google. Naturally, she wasn't happy with some of the coverage, prompting the blog response that at one point compared Lindsay to the late Whitney Houston.

"The exact feeling I had watching Whitney Houston's funeral in Newark," she wrote. "We all should have spoken up for her, too."

"Lindsay Lohan is worth saving," she continued. "She is the only one who can do it, before it is 2 late. I hope she can finds [sic] her value - off camera. And then - when she returns - on camera, she will wow us all once more."

Lindsay has had a long, long, long history with the law, including multiple arrests, allegedly stolen necklaces and probation violations. She completed her formal probation on March 29, 2012, and almost immediately landed gigs, including a stint hosting Saturday Night Live and an upcoming guest spot on Glee.

What do you think? Does Rosie have a point about Lindsay? Or should she leave her alone? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Lyn

    What happened to Lindsay????????

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    she really is so beautiful.

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  • Siberia

    yea yea the law and PRETENSE Amerikkka, Plaleese, if Lindsey shows us Anything, she shows us by her experience how the system sets women up, exploits the crap out of them [for the hungry public beasts] then when they in their humanity burn out react as any NORMAL HUMAN BEING would [and not some DOLL folks] then the public loves to mob-lynch-Crucify Crucify. The FACT is, that our Prison Slave Industrial Stepford Wives creation complex, including mental health, is hypocrisy to hilt. IF we don't want alcohol-drug abuse, then Why the hell do we not do something about the Glamourizing them both, how many mags publish photos of the hottest Clubs and Parties? Contribute Much eh? The Fact is, we have Thousands and I do mean Thousands, of women, rotting away in prisons [or being psychological abused via probation] and the courts, can we just say Mafia racket, for drug use/non-violent crimes....but then, hey, the system turns around and forces them onto even more dangerous drugs that ARE KILLING WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN THIS NATION... I for one am Sick of the whole Venus Sacrificial Children-females for a corrupt system. Whether Lindsey works or not, is her choice, either way, she's been traumatized, demonized, by a Beast of a system, as has been Britney Spears, for a public who doesn't give a crap about the thousands rotting away, with Worse human right abuses in THIS NATION people, not Afghanistan, not Iran, in our prisons, probations and family courts [see the numbers of children MURDERED by fathers with the COURT'S BLESSING] and let's not even get into TSA's molesting children...need I say more, Amerikkka, your hypocrisy is just Unbelievable, showcase Lindsey and others, but remember one thing, they are YOUR CREATION, think about it.