‘The Voice’ Vlog: Charlotte Sometimes’ Performance Predictions Come True! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Xtina Gets Wild
'The 'Voice' judge rocks low-cut animal print top.
Indie singer-songwriter Charlotte Sometimes – featured on The Voice – is giving her expert commentary on the show that has everyone talking!

In this week’s exclusive video blog for Celebuzz, her performance predictions come true! This week featured contestants on Team Cee Lo and Team Adam. “What a show!” Charlotte says. “It was crazy.”

In her last vlog, she said Katrina had some untapped talent she’d yet to really put on full display. Her “Jar of Hearts” performance did just that! “I told you she was going to blow everyone away,” Charlotte says. “And that’s what she did … I think everyone was equally amazed by her.” 

There were some performances, however, that didn’t go over so well with Charlotte. Watch the video to see who she thought had a lackluster week! 

Ultimately, Cheesa and Mathai were sent packing.

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