Casey Anthony Reconciles With Brother Lee, New Book Reveals (EXCLUSIVE)

Casey Anthony released from a Florida jail after being acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.
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Casey Anthony reportedly did not attend her brother Lee Anthony’s March wedding, but the acquitted murder suspect reconciled with him in the months prior to the nuptials.

At least, that’s the claim being made in a new book, titled #LiesLiesLies, Exposing Casey and Surviving the Smear.

“In early December she (Casey) met with Lee for the first time since her release,” self-published authors Amelia Noel Sobel and Myrah Nicole Young write, in their recently released tome about the 25-year-old cleared last year of killing her toddler daughter Caylee.

“The two had spoken on the phone and emailed frequently, but the first face-to-face encounter proved to be emotional," says the book, in a passage obtained exclusively by Celebuzz.

"Before Caylee’s death the siblings had been as close as a brother and sister could be. Sure, they had their issues, but they seemed to understand one another in ways that nobody else could. For Casey, reuniting with Lee was an important step to redeeming her “old self”.”

Casey was found not guilty on July 5, last year, after a jury of seven women and five men rejected the prosecution’s contention that she had murdered Caylee, 2, by dosing her with chloroform, suffocating her with duct tape and dumping her body in a wooded area.

During the trial, Lee Anthony testified that he didn't even know that Casey was pregnant until he happened to see her late one night as she emerged from their shared bathroom.

"I could see her midsection and it was showing," he testified. "I didn't expect it. I was like, 'What the hell is that?' and she waved me off."

As Celebuzz reported, the book claims Casey has also reunited with Cindy, her mother, but that her father, George, has “made a pledge to never speak to Casey again.”

#LiesLiesLies, Exposing Casey and Surviving the Smear also sheds new details on 25-year-old Casey’s new piercings that emerged in a video online in January.

Quoting unnamed sources, the authors claim that Casey got the piercings and her new look during a visit to the home of Stan Cure, a pastor in Palm City, Fla., who has helped her “reconnect with God and get her life ‘back on track.'”

She had decided she hated the blonde hair sometime in late October and taken again to the bottle of hair dye, going brunette once again. But brown become boring, too, and Casey decided to dye it red just before her trip away from home. She was driven north by her boyfriend, unable to drive herself.

For obvious reasons Casey was not just brought out in public freely. The Cures made sure she was on a schedule, that she helped with the chores and attended small church groups. The entire family "loved Casey to death", Stan's daughters becoming very close to her. Casey began to use her laptop to take pictures, videos, and talk to Stan Cure's daughters when she was back in West Palm Beach. It could have been assumed that Casey made her video diaries for her new-found friends, but that was ruled out when she mentioned Stan Cure's family in third-person in one of the recordings.

When Casey was permitted to spend an entire weekend with the Cures it was a chance to socialize much more than she was able to down south where she only had Pops to keep her company. In November Casey would spend a long weekend there, which is when she would go to a nearby tattoo shop and get new piercings. Casey was giddy with excitement as she received a piercing in her left nostril and chains of three down the lobe of each ear. When paired with her red hair and the new thick-rimmed, black glasses she had begun to wear, Casey felt almost like she fit right in.

After the visit to the Cures’ home, Casey decided to record what would be her second entry to her ‘video diary’ -- the release of which caused a sensation when it was leaked in January.

“She sat in front of her laptop in her living room and gushed about how excited she was about her new piercings, showing them to the camera,” the book notes.

“She briefly talked about her weekend out and her new red hair, but quickly came back to the same topic she had spent nearly five-minutes of her first video diary talking about: change.”



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    This family played us all from day one. George Cindy Lee all had a script they played us ALL.

  • miranda

    nobody really knows what happened. the trial made casey anthony look like she was innocent, but from what family and friends and the people that knew her said she was totally opposite from what she was portrayed as during the trial. there is a possibility that casey anthony murdered her child but she is not stupid why wouldnt she put her up for adoption? prob because cindy wouldnt have let that happen so casey wouldnt have had a choice but to keep caylee in her life. so it would make sense that she killed the baby. but there is a possibvility that the baby accidentally died due to caseys inexperiance as a mother. and maybe there is a possibility that if the baby accidentally died and casey didnt know how to react and didnt want to get law enforcement involved because it would have been emotionally harder on her to deal with the publicity she knew she wwas going to endure if she had called the police in the first place instead of waiting a whole entire month just for her mom to finally contact authorities, i think casey knew what kind of attention this was going to bring her if she did call the cops if it was an accidental drowning. that is just a possibility. now if she did kill her kid she obviously didnt have it planned out very well because the lies and the storys she made up didnt make sense u would think she would be smart enough to come up with a better story. which is why i am led to believe that the kid died accidentally. but after watching the 2 video diarys and she is actually talking unlike the trial where she didnt say a word because i think if she talked at all during the trial than she would be in jail right now as we speak. but after watching those videos she only talks about herself and not about how she misses caylee. and what she is going through. so now i believe she killed her baby. i also think that george and cindy shouldnt have to suffer any kind of judgement or criticism, only because as a mother u will defend and love your child no matter what kind of mistakes they make, but i also think cindy is dealing with this in an appropriate way, they might have a relationship still but i am 100 percent sure cindy isnt going to support casey in anything she does or try to be understanding, i think cindy misses her granddaughter and resents casey for taking caylee away from her. i also think george is doing the right thing by not speaking to her i think casey needs to suffer as much as possible by having at the very leasst her mother in her life and being very hard and critical towards casey and having george neglect her making casey feeling unloved and unsupported is the least that girl can feel. i also think that the people who knew casey should track her down and make her feel bad and keep reminding her what kind of life she had before killing her daughter making casey feel even worse, if casey anthony thinks she can find any kind of happiness in this world she is crfazy, people need to make more of an effort to put casey anthony in her place and make sure she has constant pain and anxiety for the rest of her life. i think its rediculous that there are people and churches out there that are actually taking casey in and helping her. i think casey should live and not have people trying to find her and kill her cause that wont do any good. casey needs to be alive and suffer the coonsequences and i think everyone agrees. the people that know casey needs to find where she is and do what they can to make caseys life a living hell.

  • sugarbeach2012

    Once the family knew that Caylee was dead...and they knew long before her body was found...they went into bullshit mode and protecting the dingbat. From that point was CHA CHING CHA CHING ! They had 3 years to rehearse their lies, their theatrics, and in the end ...look what they are off a DEAD granddaughter....not even attempting to rebuild their pathetic lives....they can live and look at each other like they are doing no wrong...but they are the lowest form of parasite living....Karma has their name...and it runs fast and furious...waiting for the day ! PATIENTLY !

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    Yeah they are! I would never have anything to do with this baby killer!! Especially after making all those false accusations! I hope she burns for it all one of these days!

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    I thought celebuzz was a celebrity website? So why are they talking about Casey Anthony? She is by no means a celebrity...(IT) is a baby killer...always will be! All (IT) is is a walking ghoul among us.

  • Bill

    I think I I'm going to through up.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae

    Lee is a fool for reuniting with her. Not only did she kill his neice, but she told the whole world that he came into her room late at night to molest her. That family is one sick bunch!

  • Beckles Lafonte
    Beckles Lafonte

    Guess they both needed to get laid..just sayin'...sickos

  • SBG

    If this is a legitimate book, than who would have that information other than Casey. it is possible that Caylee truly drowned. What is not possible is that Caylee dumped herself in the woods like a peice of trash. Casey had to do that, so admit to it already. I bet if the Florida justice center would bring charges of abuse of a corpse, she would be convicted. If you buy this book, you are supporting a woman who did not care about her child. For those of us who would have done anything to be able to have a child, this is unforgivable. DON'T SUPPORT HER......

  • Allen

    What a shame.

  • T

    I can only assume if somebody has written a book about Casey she must be getting some money from it. This person had to interview Casey and Casey is not going to give an interview for free.

  • Genie Gee
    Genie Gee


  • leahc

    I can't believe that family would reunite with her. I guess George has the only common sense but then again if she had not turned on him, would he be reuniting with her too? This family is sick. Hello???? She murdered your grandchild, your neice! Not only that she also dragged family members thru the mud with accusations. Why would you want to give her the time of day? Sick.

  • Lady Rider
    Lady Rider

    Casey is only getting all this press is because Zimmerman is on th front page, and she isn't. She can't stand to be in the backgroud and someone else have the spotlight.