From ‘Bat Wings’ to Bikini Body! Celeb Trainer Reveals Secret to Tone Arms (PHOTOS)

Want A Butt Like That?
Celeb trainer reveals bikini butt secrets.
Nobody wants body parts flapping in the wind. Fact of life: sometimes when people stop waving, the rest of their arm has to catch up. Say goodbye to those dreaded “bat wings” with the help of our fitness expert!

Celebrity Trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS — who trains Emily VanCamp(Revenge) as well as Joseph Morgan (Klaus) from the Vampire Diaries – reveals how to deflate those bat wings as Celebuzz shows you some of the hottest gal guns in Hollywood!  

For specific exercises that target the arms, Lalo suggests using the warm weather to take advantage of the pool!

“Doing a combo of tricep/bicep move underwater using swimming gloves is a great way to work those arms,” he says. “In-between sets, you can combine this by putting your arms straight in front of you, palms together, doing movements from side to side under water to work your core.”

While you can focus on specific muscle groups, Lalo says to focus on the entire body to lose weight. “A great way to treat arm flabbiness is by working the body as a whole instead of concentrating only on your triceps,” he explains. “Your triceps are a small muscle, so the calories burned by only working on them is very limited. The reason there is flab there is because of the concentration of fat — and the best way to burn that is by burning the most amount of calories possible. Aside from doing regular strength training, keep yourself active by doing different activities that require multi-joint exercises. The more joints moving during the exercise, the more muscles being involved and therefore the more calories burned.”

As an example, he says, “Instead of doing tricep extensions, I have clients do different exercises — like a plank to pushup move. That way I include the chest, shoulder, back and most important your core.”

For a great overall body workout, try kickboxing. “In very few minutes, you’ll be burning tremendous amounts of calories while working on your arms, core, and building up your stamina,” Lalso says.