'Gossip Girl' Star Kaylee DeFer Flashes Lacy Blue Bra While Shopping in LA (PHOTOS)

Gossip Girl better get her spies out to Malibu because we have a runaway gal pal spotted shopping!

Kaylee DeFer, also known as the cunning Ivy Dickens on the CW series, was giving us more than just a fashion show during her recent shopping trip at Rubin & Chapelle. Sporting a sheer white blouse, the 25-year-old flashed a little bit of her lacy blue bra as she browsed through the racks.

So what did the upper east side fashionista take a look at?

Seen poking around, Kaylee tried on a fabulous emerald green Paula T top with a Rubin & Chapelle's classic Bellamonte Jacket. In the end, the blonde beauty settled on a brand new black Charlotte bag.

Sure Miss Ivy Dickens has been kicked out of the upper east side, but that doesn't stop her from doing a little shopping! Click through the gallery to see more of this gossip girl's day out, and then check out the video below for your latest Gossip Girl update!


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