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Over the weekend the glam squad and I decided to have a little fun with my look with head jewels andbraidsRob Scheppy was the brains behind my forehead decor, and Clyde Haygood did my hair.

Fashion is fun and I like doing different things depending on my mood, plus I have never been to Coachella and after seeing all of the crazy cool fashion online, I decided to get in the spirit with head jewels LOL.

I love getting creative with hair and makeup!

Here are a few pics of me and the fam going to dinner at Villa Pacri. If you look closely you can see random braids throughout my hair (you don’t have to look too closely to see the head jewels LOL).



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  • gracianaguisasola

    how beautiful they are!!! <3 such a beautiful sisters!!

  • tahina

    Khloe look's gorgeous! But the make up bling, is similar to what Indian people wear, a bindi. Oh and that top is so HOT! :)

  • Erica Sisneros
    Erica Sisneros

    u look like an indian who just came out of a temple

  • kloesnumber1fan

    I love it. You always look beautiful!

  • Tricia Brown
    Tricia Brown

    I think it takes away from your gorgeous eyes. Maybe if there was some sort of design placed over your temples, to accentuate your eyes.... This is just not doing it for me. But, that's just one country girl's opinion. :D

  • Laura Rauch
    Laura Rauch

    Sweetie- No...It doesn't enhance you at all. You are beautiful, even more beautiful w/o that "THANG"....

  • Cheryl Mccaslin
    Cheryl Mccaslin

    your a very beautiful person

  • Laurieann Kucukbulbul
    Laurieann Kucukbulbul

    You have a beautiful face you don't need to add that stuff, its ok, but not necessary, I think it takes away from your good looks truly!!!

  • Dustie Sharp
    Dustie Sharp

    I wish you'd make your hair dark and one color and don't change nothing else. You are beautiful!

  • Melissa Mae Ramsay
    Melissa Mae Ramsay

    I really like it!

  • fmosley

    I agree, you look stunning in my opinion! Wish I looked half so good!

  • lisa

    your a beautiful girl~i love the look

  • Leslie Minamoto
    Leslie Minamoto

    This is something that only you can pull off, you are amazingly beautiful Khloe, never forget that....Keep being you, and we love you just the way you are =)

  • Ameriah

    Learn to spell things out and also learn not to put people down.

  • Tracy Comito
    Tracy Comito

    Don't worry Khloe,you could NEVER look retarded!You're Gorgeous inside and out! Lamar,too! <3 I love the Blouse!!!:)

  • Tracy Comito
    Tracy Comito

    @Sunshine, that's a rude ass comment! Retarded?Really?

  • Suzanne Polk
    Suzanne Polk

    I love the shirt and you look so beautiful!

  • katie

    its sooo cool :) not sure id pull it off but somehow you can <3 in the middle of watching your episode of keeping up with the kardashians all for 1 and one for kim <3 <3 love yoooouuuuu xx

  • Sunshine

    U look retarded, but I still love u <3

  • emersonnes4652

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