Kim Kardashian: To Eat the Cake, or Not to Eat the Cake? (PHOTOS)

Kim's Bikini Montage
Kim Kardashian Bikini Video
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Kim Kardashian watches her figure just like everyone else!

Kim posted the above photo on her blog of that delicious looking chocolate cake, and captioned it:

Should we or shouldn’t we???
In the end, KK restrained herself. Why, exactly?

"Decided to not eat the cake!" Kim blogged. She posted the steamy bikini shot above, saying:

This pic put me in check! LOL
That's some serious willpower girl! You can look at more of Kim's Instagram photos in our gallery above. Also, check out more of Kim's best bikini moments right here:



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  • sibby prasad
    sibby prasad

    you've never turned down big black things in your mouth, so why stop now?

  • Whitney Loverb
    Whitney Loverb

    oh my she look so lovely there could not even make her out beautiful body baby girl

  • Mandy26

    She can eat the cake because not matter what she eat she still keep her body fit

  • Masud Khan
    Masud Khan

    cake or you its like telling a guy coffee,tea,or take care kim.

  • emersonnes4652

    like Leonard implied I didnt even know that a stay at home mom can get paid $9496 in one month on the computer. did you read this site ^^^

  • Marlene Almeida
    Marlene Almeida

    eat the cake and than think about the demage that would do to the body:-)

  • Allyson Rideout
    Allyson Rideout

    Photo shopped just a little huh?

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    I say she can eat it. She does work out and has this amazing body and looks beautiful all the time no matter what!