Kourtney Kardashian: Feeling Claustrophobic

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Kourtney Kardashian blogged about a recent scary experience, writing: Here we are at LAX on my birthday after arriving home from a birthday trip to Mexico. I have been claustrophobic just recently in my third trimester of my pregnancy. I had a small panic attack in customs when they stopped everyone in a tunnel. Looking behind me all I could see was people and in front of me tons of people and I couldn’t even tell where the tunnel ended. I had to just run to the front of the line because I literally couldn’t breathe. It’s a horrible feeling and I’m hoping that it goes away after my pregnancy. I hate that feeling of being trapped with no control. Ahhh deep breath!

I am wearing a Pencey sweater (DASH), LNA tank, Alice and Olivia leggings, Givenchy flats, Kardashian Kollection sunglasses, vintage hat that’s finally falling apart and a Celine bag.

Mason is wearing a Mini and Maximus t-shirt, Koochooloo pants and Freshly Picked moccasins.



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  • Brooke C.- Palm Beach FL
    Brooke C.- Palm Beach FL

    Hopefully you get this... but I think panic and anxiety is brought on in women once they become mothers. I am currently going through the same thing, and its such a struggle but I am determined not to let it run the rest of my life. Dont let ppl make you feel weird bc its totally normal. As a mom we spend 110% of our time worrying. :) Kisses to you, Mason, and that cute bump.