Rihanna Goes Geisha for 'Princess of China' Music Video (PHOTOS)

Rihanna has released her own memoirs of a geisha. The singer slipped into kimonos and press-on nails for a music video of "Princess of China," a song that also features Coldplay. This song is on the band's album (not Rihanna's), and the video was made to play behind Coldplay while they're on their current tour.

The "S&M" singer, 24, shows a lot of leg and cleavage for the edgy video.  Click the pics to see some sexy shots of Rihanna.

Rihanna performed with Chris Martin and band at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, and this past March, Coldplay tweeted:

Back in March, Rihanna also tweeted her excitement for the video, tweeting out several pics from the “Princess of China” music video set, calling the costumes “gangsta goth geisha.”

Rihanna and Coldplay are certainly pleased with their song, but what do you think? Play music critic in the comments.



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  • Alicia Ellison
    Alicia Ellison

    Beautiful girl with a wonderful voice,,,she needs to go to church and thank god for blessing her with such talent

  • Lorraine Joyce Jallores Licera
    Lorraine Joyce Jallores Licera

    the silver nail thing is not japanese, it's thai...

  • Lorraine Joyce Jallores Licera
    Lorraine Joyce Jallores Licera

    chinese don't wear kimono, japanese do... and they don't have geishas in china, although zhang ziyi and gong li, who are chinese, played the main roles in memoirs of the geisha...

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Ohhh beautiful!

  • emersonnes4652

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  • Stephanie Jonathan
  • Iveski

    You cretins realize that geisha are Japanese...

  • Anin

    That's not what a Geisha looks like and they're not from China.

  • mileyismylife

    wow, she looks so amazing! the love i have for this girl is infinite.