Royal Wedding Anniversary: Check Out the Most Wacky Memorabilia! (PHOTOS)

They say you should gift your significant other with paper of some kind on your first wedding anniversary, and while we're sure Prince William will get his bride Kate Middleton something fit for a queen (literally!), we don't think any of these trinkets made the cut.

Sunday, April 29, marks the one year anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's extravagantly beautiful nuptials, and to celebrate, we thought we'd look back at all the fun items that were made to commemorate the momentous occasion. From the good, the bad, and the straight up wacky, take a look by clicking through the gallery! One year after these two became man and wife, 30-year-old Kate and Will still seem to be ever so in love. See how their love came to be below!

Kate and Will attend their first event after he served his royal duty!



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