Box Office Battle: ‘The Five-Year Engagement’ vs. ‘The Raven’ (POLL)

To get your socks knocked off with laughter by the hilarious Jason Segel or play detective with John Cusack?

This weekend’s box office battle is between two completely opposite movies that both ladies and gents can enjoy! The two films battling it out this weekend are The Five-Year Engagement and The Raven. One a romantic comedy while the other a thriller mystery. Though the films look very intriguing there can only be one on top.

So let’s take a look at both films and it break down!

First up we have funny-man Jason Segal alongside the adorable and quirky Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement. The film written by Jason and Nicolas Stoller, the duo that has brought us Forgetting Sarah Marshall and viewer fav The Muppets bring audiences a rom com about two love-birds and their unplanned long  wedding engagement. Shortly after proposing Blunt’s character Violet gets a once in a lifetime opportunity that delays their wedding plans. As time goes by and more obstacles get in the way the engagement continues to be extended. Filled with tons of humor, excitement and Segal as the leading man you know this comedy will be filled with twist and turns and great laughs!

On a more serious tone we have The Raven, a fictionalized version of the last days of well-known poet Edgar Allan Poe, played by John Cusack, who is in pursue of a serial killer who has been murdering people in ways that mirror Poe’s stories. A thrilling mystery that begins with a murder, the story continues as they enlist Poe to help out in discovering who the perpetrator is. We can surely expect action, suspense and chilling discoveries from this classic mystery story. Also in the film are Immortals hottie Luke Evans and She’s Out of my League star Alice Eve. Check out the trailer below!

So which will you go out and watch this weekend? The chilling suspense filled action film The Raven or the romantic comedy that will bring you tons of laughs The Five-Year Engagement? Sound off in the comments!